Ideal weight and height for a girl, guys?

I know many chics out there are self-conscious about how guys think of them, and their body image. So I was wondering what would consider to be TOO skinny, etc. Ideal weight/height?


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    For me I don't have a specific set weight and height, honestly all that I would prefer is a girl shorter than me - so less than 6'1, but preferably I like 5'10 and below

    Weight wise, I do not really mind I would much rather a girl aim to be healthy at a weight that suits her, I am not going to name numbers because its not really neccessery. All girls carry weight differently, a weight that suits one girl might not suit another. Preferably I would just want someone who weighs less than me though :P

  • 6ft1 150lbs

  • For me, both of those factors depend on other things. The whole of a girl's appearance affects what seems "ideal" for me.

    I guess if I had to pick, I could care less about height, though I will say it's a bit odd if the girl I date is taller than me. It's not like I'd deem them unattractive or refuse to go out with them because of it, though.

    Weight? It depends on how it's distributed, to be completely blunt. On the upper-level, I don't really care as long as the person in question doesn't appear to be unhealthy.

    On the lower end, I can't give a specific number. I can say that these obnoxiously skinny girls just aren't attractive to me; neither is the whole "I have to lose weight" attitude.

  • like 5'5 ' 115

  • i'm 5'8 so I would want my girl to be from 5'1 to my height. I don't think any guy would date a girl taller than him by more than two inches. as for weight I can't put a number on it, as long as she can carry it well. not chubby but not paper thin either.

  • 5'2 -> 5'8 (My ideal height RANGE)

    100 -> 120 lbs (My ideal weight RANGE)

    Something to keep in mind is that it also depends on the "guy"... It's hard for me to explain, so imagine the difference between an Athlete and a body builder.. An athlete might have a tooth-pick girlfriend, while a body-builder would look funny with a tooth-pick girlfriend.. And vice-versa.

    ~ ArtistBBoy