Ideal Profile Picture?

So, what do you girls (and I suppose guys could answer too) think is the ideal profile picture?

Yes, I know, I left the question vague on purpose, any responses are welcomed!

Ok, aside from "one that looks good".

I think the "looks good" part should be obvious.

What's Your Opinion?


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    just smiling and looking at the camera,nothing retarded like duck faces and showing money/cars

  • I don't really care, it can look stupid and silly or look gorgeous.

  • Anything what shows you're personality and what you are really like :)

  • Smiling at the camera , and have some swagger but there's a line between looking retarted and swag :)

  • That suit your personality.

  • one where you're dressed up looking your best

  • Whatever picture someone wants to put up.

  • that looks good?

  • You holding stamped and dated extra large prints of child p*rnography right outside a courtroom.

  • One which conveys your personality.