5 feet 8 and 1/2 inches.......am I tall enough for y'all girls?

am I tall enough for y'all girls?

what is the minimum and maximum height of a guy you'd date?

what is the ideal height of a guy for you?


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    Your height is fine. There are a lot of girls that are your height and under. I'm like 5' 6.5" and I would date a guy that was my height. I mean it would be weird to date someone shorter but I don't care if the guy is the same height as me. Ideally I like a guy around 6 foot maybe a few inches taller, but that's just because I'm kinda sorta tall, but for the shorter girls, your height would be pretty good. I mean any girl your height or shorter would find your height perfectly fine.


    • Of course girls will be attracted to guys that are taller than them, but the shorter girls will still find you attractive and basically any girl below 5' 8" which includes most of us. I'm like 5'6.5" and the guy I fell for pretty recently is your height.

    • Everybody says height isn't important but I think it is the single most important factor in initial attraction (note that I said initial attraction, so this is a stage when personality isn't involved yet) when girl looks at a guy... at least for the most part.. because I'm short and I think that's why I never get noticed. am I wrong?

  • Yes, PERFECT height for me! My height is 5'3". As a girl, I prefer him to be at least one inch taller than me, so I prefer guys at least 5'4" in height to maximum 5'9", but no more than that... I don't know why but I don't like them very much taller than me, because it makes me feel like a midget when I stand next to them or try to kiss or hug them, lol, and I don’t like that feeling. Haha, I don’t know, I just prefer and am attracted to guys between the heights 5’4” and 5’9” and want to find a man someday that is somewhere in between those two heights! I LOVE your height! :D

  • im 5 9...so yea

  • we don't care about hight unless ur shorter than us lol but you got grate hight

  • Height is only a problem if you make it. Really, if you are a nice enough guy, who cares?

    • Listen, I've been 5'9 since I was in fifth grade. I've only ever dated guys who are shorter than me because a lot of guys are. You are not short. If you were 5'1, maybe, but you are perfect height for most girls. Who wants to have to stand on their tip toes to kiss someone anyway?

    • So you DO think it's short

  • Yes you are, most girls aren't very tall, I'm only 5'1 : P So a guy who is your height is perfect or a little taller.

  • i like em a little taller than me. but I'm 5'1 so everyones taller than me ;) but my boyfriend is only like 5'6

  • my min. would be at least two inchs taller than me and I am 5' 4" and max would be 6' 4"

  • im 5'8. 4 me it'd b cool that ur my height but I tend 2 prefer guys taller.

    • I don't have a certain one picked out rlly. I just don't want someone shorter then me. I guess around 6 ft.

    • I'm actually half an inch taller than you. so what height do you prefer?



    • A foot? An average girl is probably like 5'4"-5'6". How many guys do you know that are 6'4"-6'6" because I only know a couple.

  • sure

    im 5'2"...i really don't think guys who are between 5'7" and 5'10" are short I don't know why people keep going on about it. but maybe that's because I'm quite short myself. lol.

  • that would be good enough for me. I'm 5'7. my minimum is 5'6, my max is maube 6'5. I've been with a guy who's 6'5

  • I'd prefer I guy who is taller than I am, so about 5'5 or so. I think I like them taller since then I feel safer. I mean, if I met a guy and he was perfect in every way (ok so that's a bit niave) but he was shorter than I was I'm pretty sure I'd still go for him. Really tall guys aren't so easy to hug and dance with, but I'm not too picky. If you're 5'8 I'm pretty sure that's pretty ideal, not overly tall and not short. I'm not sure what the average hight is these days, but 5'8 sounds good.

  • yes :)

  • well I'm 5'7 so I wouldn't rule you out..but I guess I would prefer taller..

  • well, I'm a special case...being 6'0" but I'm sure most girls like 5'8" guys. hell, even I like 5'8" guys but normally that doesn't turn out so well haha

    • Being 6 fott or 58 doesn't matter. What matters is how tall or beautiful one is from the inside. I am a 5'8 male from India, nd I don,t discriminate girls on the basis of their height. I may not deerve a 6ft girl like you,but that doesn't mean yo're odd . Besides you look great. Point is be a better person nd see beyond the mere physical. besides I would never mind being friends with you. relationships are unpredictable, they just happen somehow,I mean long lasting ones-Riddhiman(India)

    • Thanks! yep, I do, I know a girl that's six one and a girl that's six three. and some other girls around the 6 foot mark.....

    • Wow that is pretty tall. I have to agree you are very pretty. It doesn't look like you would be that tall from your pics. Just curious do you know any girls taller than you?

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  • at least 5 11 or 6. I'm 5 11 and id love it if the guy would be a few inches taller :D

    • Rofl well thank you. I know several guys that are at least 4 inches shorter than their girlfriend =) It's good that there are so many people in the US/World, making it very easy to find the right height if it matters a lot to you.

    • I like tall girls I would not be intimidated.

    • Apparently you don't understand the concept of "distribution". it doesn't matter if there are a plenty of white guys of 6ft and over, you are still 1in taller than the avg white american male and that means you are taller than most guys. distribution is irrelevant in the point I'm making. and I said most guys won't date you because most guys are shorter than you and most guys don't date taller girls. I don't know what is so hard to understand. you are just being too sensitive and defensive here.

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  • for me that would be a good height. just depends on the girl

  • well I'm 5"10' and even then if I liked you I wouldn't rule you out.

    i think it's real attractive when a guy shorter or the same height as me approaches me, it shows confidence and not caring what anyone else thinks.

    5"8' is my minimun tho, and there isn't really a max, my ideal height is about 6"3'.

    • Apology accepted then.

    • What's a dick about just saying I don't want to date taller women? you girls are obviously being oversensitive here.

    • True, anonymous. he's a dick and the height thing goes both ways. 5' 11" here, loud and proud!

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  • I'm 5"8 exactly and I would still date you.

    • No, I don't think this is true. Maybe for some people but not for most. You are only a half inch taller than me and I would not think less of you if I met you in person. I am tall for a girl. Most girls will be much shorter than you.

    • Everybody says height isn't important but I think it is the single most important factor in initial attraction (note that I said initial attraction, so this is a stage when personality isn't involved yet) when girl looks at a guy... at least for the most part.. because I'm short and I think that's why I never get noticed. am I wrong?

    • :D

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  • Plenty tall! I'm just under 5'3, so I have yet to meet a guy who was shorter than that who didn't have something wrong with him. LOL.

    As far as "ideal height" goes, I don't really have one. Different heights look good on different guys with different body builds. Not gonna lie--over 6' is verrrrrry hot, but 5'6 can be hot too!

    Do you have great hair? muscles? A heartbreaker smile? Nice neck? Gorgeous eyes? Great skin? Good hands?

    Whatever it is, flaunt it!

    • Whereas, if you see in america(among white american male), there are a lot of 6ft and over, but you'll see just as many extreme short ones, and fewer people of average height. but in the end, the average height of white american men are still about 1inch taller(5'10") than korean men(5'9"). so, true, there are more people among americans 6ft and above than koreans, but just also more people a lot shorter than short koreans.

    • Really? where do you live? there are a plenty korean guys over 6ft in korea. but true not as many over 6ft as in america. that's because koreans are much more homogenous group than white americans. so the ditributions are a lot more around the center, which just means there a lot fewer extremes. for ex. in korea, most korean men you'll see will be around 5'9" to 5'10". of course there are 6feeters too, but not as frequent. at them same time, anyone shorter than around my height will be rare too

    • Sorry! I only know one Korean guy who's over 6', and I think his father was actually white. BTW the guy in the picture looks pretty good! :D

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  • You should probably lighten up a little and not come as so defensive. Being an Asian guy with a Napoleonic Complex (when you're not even that short) is not going to help your game.

    Sure, it'd be great to be 6'2" instead of 5'8", but if you're good-looking or charming, you can take comfort in the fact that there are a lot of ugly and/or boring stilts out there not getting any.

  • Your a good height.

  • man up ! and have some balls are you so insucure you have to ask a simple question like that anomously .whats with every body doing that is it an age thing? or what

    • Well may be it is an age thing. gees uncle, after all, you are about 20 years older than me.

  • if you think it is a problem then it is a problem