Why do most girls think fake-looking is attractive?

So I've noticed that many girls have and, therefore, think the fake look is attractive. I'm talking about fake orange tans, bleached-blond hair, and lots of make-up especially too much black eyeliner. And of course some go to the extremes and get fake boobs and other plastic surgery. But why? I know that most guys think that that's very unattractive and make fun of it and so do I, usually with them.

my point is not to put others down or to judge but instead question why certain girls think whatever is fake-looking is attractive.
If you want to know more what I'm talking about: link

what is she thinking?! her hair even looks like it glows in the dark!
I think I've found the conclusion to my question: some girls change their appearance so much because they're insecure about how they unnaturally look and maybe also because of the media & society...but little do they know many others find it unattractive.
disregard that link to that girl's MySpace because what she looks like in her newest default picture is waaay different and better than what she did before.

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    i have noooo idea! its so tacky! I think they think its attractive and don't realize what the big picture looks like. The probably think that by idealizing each feature (ex: fake tanning the pale skin) the whole picture is pretty. but its not...they end up looking like those chicks on Rock of Love or something! I feel bad for them because they look kind of cheap and worthless when they probably spent a lot of time trying to make themselves look that way and are really insecure to begin with.

    • Wow I totally agree lol.

      the least makeup, the better in my opinion

    • Thanks so much! :) same to you!

    • I totally agree and thanks for answering!

      btw you're really pretty, which proves once again that girls can be pretty even with having light skin and dark hair...versus orange/tan skin and super blonde hair.

  • I think society and the media is partially to blame...

    • yep that's true! I guess I've concluded that because females see lots of other females, especially the celebrity ones, have all this fake stuff like dark make up on them that most of them think that's the way they're supposed to look to supposedly look more attractive too.

  • some girls are torn down...they feel like they have too. people made fun of me my whole life so I died my hair, got blue contacts, tanned, got a lot of makeup, became anorexic, spent all my money on clothes and was depressed and tried to hide myself all the time...everyone thought I was a loser. people are so cruel. then I realized life isn't about what you look like, its what you do for other people and how you impact the world to make a difference. now I'm ugly as could be, but I'm happy and have lots of friends now. I stopped trying to be someone else and people liked me.

    • Thanks for sharing your story! but nothing wrong with trying to be more attractive on the outside too - I'm going to cosmetology school now to be a hair stylist at least so I'm gonna make it a career to make others more attractive on the outside plus I change my own look a lot, especially my hair color.....it's just when girls over-exaggerate what is supposedly only beautiful [tanned skin, dark eyes, etc.] when they actually make themselves look worse.

  • ewww I know what you mean . I hate walking around seein girls who look orange and they just think that they are all that. When I see them I laugh becasue I wish they only knew how ugly and stupid they looked. Plus the bleach blond hair looks almost white like an old lady or something. Girls who look fake like that are just insecure and need to look in the mirror more often to fix their make up.

    • Agreed agreed agreed!

  • fake might look sexier and maybe even more feminine (to guys) but I personally think natural is way prettier. it's not just a look, it's a personality shining through your appearance.

    plus, everyone can look fake-pretty if you have the money.

    natural beauty is a gift :)

  • i hate fake looking.

  • well, it looks better than your ugly ass.

    • If you're gonna call someone ugly,don't post anonymously.Only makes you fake and pathetic and adds to your ugly attitude

    • =living proof that those girls usually have amazing personalities too xD

    • Ya I know! and I reported this answer but somehow it's still there...

      so the pic I have now isn't the best looking but at least I'm not wearing a ton of make up, fake tan, and extensions to make it look worse.

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  • i think the fake girls take more time with their appearance and it shows.

    theyre usually skinnier, more toned than the avg girl

    I don't think fake is the way to go but most girls look better wit makeup and at least certain amount of grooming. it can definitely upgrade a girl from ok to really pretty/beautiful. I know this girl who watches her diet like a hawk, exercises all the time and has great clothes but her face is only ok/pretty. she definitely has upgraded herself. everyone keeps going on about the media but guys in their twenties just like hot girls they want anything serious usually.

    • I'm not saying that girls shouldn't try to make themselves look better - for I agree that there should be a balance when it comes to make up, hair, etc. and I myself take about half an hour to do my hair and make up but I don't get it when girls [though also sometimes guys now] like put a bunch of eyeliner around their eyes, etc. when I and I bet many others think that they it makes them look worse.

  • they think it is pleasing to men because that is all that you see in magazines and tv but in real life guys like naturally beautiful girls who don't have to get surgeries or cake on a bunch of makeup.trust me I have a lot of guy friends and they tell me.girls just think that this is attractive to guys because the media blows it all up

  • I like it the natural way. I don't even use make up or something. It would only cause you pimples.

    • Eh...I wear some make up especially to HIDE my pimples and I think that even if I didn't wear make up I would still break out.

  • i no what you mean

    u c all those girls and I think its because most of the time they are they type of girls who sleep with each others bfs and stuff

    and they go and get faked up with each other

    there are a lot of those girls I don't like err

    i don't wear much make up and I'm proud of my winter whiteness (cuz I'm in australia )

    i only have a natural tan in summer :]


  • I am sorry but that girl you put in a link is very very pretty in my book...Not fake looking to me...

    • I'm not judging her as a person but rather the way she looks. And I see nothing wrong with it since I don't even know her nor have I said anything about her to her or anyone whom she knows.

    • And to hunglow am I a freak? I can be....Lol

    • Why are you being so hard on this girl? Who are we to judge her?

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  • magazines portray fake as the best way to be.

    Not many girls believe in just being real.

    • True. You never see stretch marks, or pimples, or cellulite, or out of place hair, or anything that doesn't fit the "ideal" in most magazines and popular media. It is unfortunate that the ideals we see aren't real, they are airbrushed and photoshopped.

  • I don't quite understand it. the only thing I use is eye liner, but inlike most girls, I don't make myself look like a cat. I think a lot of it has to so with what's done on tv. I grew up without any form of cable television so I'm innocent. lol

  • Because that is what the media has brainwashed them into believing. link

  • I HATE when girls do that! God it ruins guys view on REAL girls and then they think having a little "meat on them" is being a big fatty...but I guess you gotta feel bad for them and good for the real ones, because we get the deep caring guys, the ones who don't care whether we wear makeup or have short hair or aren't 110 lbs...we get the real guys and they can have the players, even tho they're hot, they're not always true...I've trained myself from the start (or when I got my heart broken) to look way deeper than looks. So yeah, I'm very soryy if I've offended anyone this is just a really hot topic for me. I'm sorry once again. =]

  • it's not that they think it's attractive, it's just that they like what they look like.

  • Well I'm bleached blonde and it suits me a lot better than my brown hair did. You could argue that a blonde dying her hair brown is fake... but nobody ever says that.

    I agree overdoing it on the orange tan and makeup isn't a great look, specially put together with the bleached hair. but confidence and handups are a funny thing and people do anything to make themselves feel better. And that might just be overdoing it on the slap.

    • It is, but the fake looking people who think everyone loves the way they look gets shown to the public and they choose wheather they would snog marry of avoid them, most avoids.

    • "snog marry avoid" sounds like the game you play where you have three people and you pick one to "f*** marry or kill"

    • Ya I haven't heard of it before but I just now looked it up and watched it on YouTube and it is pretty interesting...and it actually shows that most people would "avoid" them when they have their normal look but when they have a darker hair color, less make-up, and more modest clothing then almost everyone says that they look good enough to either "snog" or marry. And they mostly do agree that they look better with their new look even with originally thinking they wouldn't.

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  • I don't fake tan, my hair is natural...but I don't know 'bout the guys you know, but I ALWAYS see those girls getting loadza attention from guys. Sometimes I wish I looked like them.

    • Oh wow that's sad!

      And I'm not going to doubt it anymore for where you live since, well, you live there and I don't. Just don't think that all guys in the western world [including Europe] just want that look for a guy for I know that many in America do like dark or red hair and even light-colored skin versus the fake blonde hair and tanned skin. In a lot of questions here that ask what guys prefer many of them at least say dark or red hair and a natural looking skin tone.

    • Yeah, people with red hair in ireland get teased really bad! And they're in complete minority. I like red hair, but most guys don't.

    • Why would you ever think Irish guys would like girls with fair skin and dark hair? You really should come over here... They HATE it... And it is not the typical Irish look anymore. It is what the Irish are perceived as. Its actually pretty difficult to find that many Irish red heads around these parts. But anyway... Guys still want the bleached blond tanned girls,regardless of whether they are Irish or not...

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  • I think fake is unattractive and I think girls/guys do it to boost their confidence. Not only with plastic surgery but also make up. I guess they use it as a "need to feel pretty" kind of thing. I think natural beauty is the best.

    • Lmao yessss @ daisy!

    • Totally agree too! there's also fake tans, bleached blonde hair, hair extensions, you name it.

      and some things - such as make up - do enhance beauty but too many times girls overdo it that it's not only ridiculous but also ridiculous looking. like I said in another comment, just look at "Daisy" from Daisy of Love http://www.vh1.com/shows/daisy_of_love/series.jhtml

  • I think it's mostly just fads and trends that happen in our culture. And magazines, MTV and other things support this and make it say that it's what you have to be and it creates this group that people and join and feel like they "belong" and that "everyone" is apart of. It's mostly just a culture thing. I don't wear makeup or bleach my hair or even go out and tan. I don't like any of that stuff either and I still feel pressured to put on heavy makeup and stuff. I don't know if this answered you question at all...

    • Daisy of love scares me. Her face hurts me...and even her boobs being that ridiculously big scares me. I totally get your point.

    • I mean look at shows like Rock of Love: many of the girls look soooooo ugly to me simply because of their fake tans, hair, and faces: http://www.vh1.com/shows/rock_of_love/season_3/series.jhtml And now there's a show coming out of that called Daisy of Love where the girl, in my humble opinion, looks ugly as sh*t especially because of her fake tan, bleach blonde hair, gobs of make-up, and puffed lips and yet she's supposed to be "hot": http://www.vh1.com/shows/daisy_of_love/series.jhtml

    • Oh ya it did answer it a lot and I have begun to realize that it's a lot because of the stupid media!

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  • This is so old, yeah. But I gotta say... I LOVE the 'fake look'. Obvious fake tan, obvious fake dyed hair, heavy makeup, all of that. I really really love it, in all its classless glory. Its a new kind of beauty, its beauty from a bottle. Its modern beauty! I love that.

    Its like a new race, a new breed. Girls like that are like... Elves. Urban Elves, man. Real city slickers. And it excites me a lot.

  • Lol, this is old and whatnot, but yeah, I agree. That's a great way to phrase it, the "fake look", not even trying to look like a better you. Just fake. Don't like that...

  • What "fakeness" communicates to a man is twofold: 1. That she seeks attention from other women who will envy her and from superficial men that want flings. 2. That she lacks self assurance and lacks self confidence but is willing to do whatever to please a potential suitor. I prefer natural looking woman anyday !

  • you mean like this? link

    Frankly, I have NO idea why. A lot of men do it too, called "guidos." I think it's part of the "Acting tough," thing. Frankly, I think they just look like idiots.

    They tend to also puff out their lips and look sideways and have bright colored contacts that contrast with red eyes. Most don't know how to wear heels and stumble around the room, and when drunk embarrass themselves going "Am I sexy guys? Am I sexy?"

    It really is a huge embarrassment.

    • I puke every time I look at it...j/k but if I had a very weak stomach I would.

    • Hahaha I just laugh every time I look at it

    • Ya I know it's gotta be a drag queen!

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  • Personally, If I'm given the choice between a "chatelaine certified perfect" woman, and a chubby "girl next door" who hasn't a spot of makeup, and is all "factory original", I'll take the "girl next door" type every time. Why? She's on my level, and deep enough to see beyond the appearance.

    (Plus, I think chubby women are cute)


  • Probably because not every girl is attractive like you are? And it is not their fault that they are like that, and artificial alterations make them feel they have a choice about it?

    • lol I never noticed that either! and apparently it's been over a year now, and since then I've had my hair all sorts of colors that aren't black - including blond but I did try to make it look natural and then I got sick of it, went for dark red, and now it's more close to my natural hair color medium brown. anyways I still stick with the less-is-more make-up philosophy, but a little bit of everything is fine. even my dad complains the Kardashian sisters wear too much make up and it looks bad.

    • Holy sh*t, do you notice this? This answer and the answer just below are exactly the same but worded differently. This answer was greeted with hostility, the other with praise. What a dang experiment.

    • Idk if you're being sarcastic or not but just to let you know I don't think I'm NATURALLY attractive at all but putting just a little make up on and dying my hair black makes me look a whole lot better, versus putting on a ton of make up especially around the eyes and bleaching the hair just makes girls look worse no matter what they looked like before.

  • dont worry about it your naturally attractive and those girls are miserable because they aren't pretty without it

    • Thanks! and I don't think they're pretty with it either ;)...actually in fact I think that girls look better without all that dark eye make up and fake tans and stuff.

  • Paris Hilton succeeded and many other famous people do that stuff so girls emulate them. not because they have depth of character or knowledge wisdom or fashion but because they have made money. their style is just theirs and people copy it to emulate them. srry I might have repeated myself there

  • This is why I find Megan Fox unattractive. She's hiding her eyes.

    But I must say, without/little makeup, Megan Fox is attractive, she has nice eyes without them.

    Anyway, I agree with you.

    • She is extremely pretty without make-up.I saw a pic of she and Brian(that's his name right) on the beach and she had no make up on and looked gorgeous.Very natural

    • Wtff megans eyes are not real??/

  • MTV

    • Lol very true! not to mention also some shows on VH1.

  • Its the media's fault honestly. I used to think women are stupid for falling for it... But now I understand it. Its hard to resist the brainwashing. Guys buy into their brainwashing too. Guys get obsessed with getting abs, fast cars and hair gels...

  • I hate modern city girls.they does these type of things.i love village girls.

  • I think a lot of it has to do with Western Society - look at all the images we see that "tell" us what pretty is...they are unattainable - most modelling pictures or billboard/ad pictures have been retouched to the point that if you put a real picture of the model next to the ad you wouldn't know they are the same person.

    So girls/women are trying to attain the impossible and guys are being taught that some fake beauty is what its all about.

    Other societies don't have it any better, they either cover everything up or require some other extreme thing to focus on.

  • Platinum blonde hair or whatever you want to call it doesn't look good on anybody.

    I think a lot of girls have the total wrong idea on what a guy finds attractive. Only guy that would be into that stuff is somebody really insecure that just kinda does whatever he thinks a guy is supposed to do instead of having his own thoughts.

    • Oh that's good to hear!

      I mean I have no problem with blonde hair, but I think it looks much better if it's natural rather than bleached.

      I think that people should stick pretty close to their natural hair color whatever it is - in fact I've experienced with many different hair colors, including blonde and red, but I've found that black looks the best with on me [I'm a natural brunette] especially since it brings out my eyes.

    • You're welcome! Literally every guy I've spoken to says they prefer dark hair, whether it's black or brunette. I've said to my friends before about blonde girls "You know what? She looks great but I'd be way more into her if her hair was darker!" lol

    • Oh that's very true and informative! thanks for answering :)

  • i think because of money. Money changed them. Short but clear.

    • Okay thanks.

    • What I was about to say is that your comment is saying it all.

    • I kinda agree - if you mean having lots of money gives people the opportunity to buy stuff that makes them look a certain way. Would you elaborate on that?

  • honestly I think its just a fantasy... most men want to sleep with a bleached blonde bimbo. That being said, most girls get more attention when they look that way. And for some girls that is the only way they will get attention. From experience... once I had the beached blonde bimbo fantasy it gets a little old and boring. I realized that all these young girls look the same and they do it for the attention.

    Nothing less attractive than an insecure girl who tries to mask who she really is.

    • Lol she's apparently a friend of a friend and I might have seen her at a show but we've never even met. I didn't post that link because of anything against that girl - for I do not know her - but instead of what she makes herself look like.

    • Where did you find that link? lol Did that girl piss you off or something? I bet her next profile picture will be one of the following:

      1. her doing a kissy face.

      2. her pushing her cleavage together.

      3. her and a bottle of jack daniels.

  • Because that's what the media pumps into our brains every minute of every day and sooner or later, it becomes the norm. It's a sad fact, but the majority of North American culture have a pack (lemming) mentality. It's like watching someone swerve on the road as they try to drive and use a cell phone at the same time, while you know they can't.

    They just don't know any different and usually won't put the effort into being different for fear of not being accepted.

    • Thank you; I'm now giving you the best answer award!

  • Personlly the way I see it, that is how girls try to look when they're looking for one night stands, and that's fine with me cause I won't do anything with a girl like that.

    • I couldn't tell you.

    • I agree, though I also still don't see how unnatural looking orange tans, bleached blonde hair, lots of dark eye make-up, fake nails, etc. is that physically appealing and wonder why some girls think it is.

  • People alter their appearance because they feel it makes them more attractive according to their perception of the modern standards of desirability. In past generations women strove to stay out of the sun to preserve a more pale appearance that was considered more desirable.

    People would tan because they believe it makes them look healthier, more active and fit, and more like the popular images of models in the media. Some perceive more pale to be more sickly, kept indoors, or whatnot. I am not saying either is right or wrong, but that is the general fashion idea nowadays (at least in the US--in other countries where people are more multi-toned they often seek to be as light as possible).

    Fake blonde hair is often a result of trying to recapture what your hair used to look like when you were young. For most people who have blonde hair as children their hair changes to a more mousy, dishwater, or gray blonde as they become adults. They want to recapture the more platinum or golden tones. For those who didn't have blonde hair to begin with they are just following fashion trends or trying new things.

    The fake boobs and plastic surgery are again an attempt to mimic the current social ideal. People often feel more self-confident if they think they are more physically attractive so they modify their appearance to match what they think is most attractive if they can. In general people want to desirable and admired and many think improving their physical appearance is the best way to achieve that.

    If it primarily brought negative results instead of positive results people probably wouldn't do these things, but as long as it works, or they think it works, people will continue to do it.

    • Ya that I agree with more!

    • It can become an obsession as people get more and more caught up in their looks. In a sense it even becomes the norm, and if a little is good then a lot is better.

    • Finally an answer that I somewhat agree with! though someone should tell these girls, if they haven't heard already, that extremes like these just aren't that attractive.

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  • minus that fake tan some people go for that. girls are shooting for what they see as an ideal. why mock someone for their opinion or hopes. they aspire to be something else. its like saying people who want to be painters as dumb because I don't like painters.

    • I pretty much agree, StandingPretty. I try not to make assumptions about people solely on how they look. however, some of the stereotypes are true such as girls who dress skimpy are more promiscuous. there are exceptions of course. and some people make what they look like their lifestyle; I saw a cops show yesterday where this pretty-but-fake-looking girl was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, saying that she can't because she recently got fake boobs and they are her "FAVORITE THINGS."

    • A look is not a lifestyle. A person can be tattoed and pierced all over and you would assume they would have an active sex life when they're a virgin and waiting until marriage. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn't mean they have to act a certain way or are going to be a certain way. So, lifestyle? No sorry but you've confused the two.

    • Well actually I don't even KNOW any girls who look all fake...I'm talking about ones who I just see, and not always in person either. And if I do become friends with someone like that then I would keep it to myself how horrible they look.

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