Why does my husband of 53 look at pictures of girls 18-22 years old on the internet?

I am 55, pretty and in great shape and I know that my husband loves me very much. But I continue to catch him looking at girls that are 30+ years younger than me. Why and what is the self gratification? What is he thinking of when he looks?


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  • HitByTheTruth stated " girls in the age bracket that you are talking about just have this look, this glow, this look or feel of innocence in their eyes and their smile."

    You know why, they haven't yet learned that most men are full of sh*t.

  • The same thing I am thinking while enjoying looking at young firm well endowed men 18-22---woo hoo wish I could have some of that! Men think women are not visual---so wrong! Take some time and puruse the cornicopica of firm well endowed young men and imagine what you would like to teach these innocent young boys! They are much firmer than your husband, face it, and though men would like to believe we are concerned with power and wealth only they are so dead wrong---wishful thinking on their parts---our little secret though---wouldn't hurt him to know you are enjoying the fine young men out there---might even make him think---and you will be surprised that he may feel a little threatened---its really quite fun--we women are just as visual and like this firm young flesh---so ladies, perv away----its fun and you may end up liking it morew than you ever thought :) We love to look at naked young men as much as men like to look at thelittle girlies---the more you do it---the more you like it----watching them masturbate is hot too!

  • Women are the fairer sex and men are the horny sex. Men are horny for hot young women, especially in the peak reproductive years. Media feeds into this natural desire by offering up scads of images of perfect-looking young women. Older women are not as attractive or fertile. So chances are he is looking and depositing these mental images of young girls into his “spank bank,” all men masturbate. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world and your man would still do this and desire lots of other women because this is how men are wired. If you lived in a society that allowed concubines and more than one wife, you husband would probably have picked some of those girls he looks at to be a wife or concubine. My advice to you is to not worry about his looking. You can’t stop it. All you can ask is that he do it in a way that doesn’t embarrass and disrespect you in public.

  • older guy, younger girls. what else is new

    • oleder women younger men====yunmmy! goes both ways!

  • EWW! that could be (a pontiel) kid's age of yours. That's digusting!

  • i highly doubt he purposley means to look at women in those ages, its just what the industry is right now and its what there is everywhere it will always be younger ladies because that's what people want. when looking at p*rn it will usually be young adult to mid adult women unless he searches for the more mature ladies wich is already too much work for a man..

  • Obviously he is visually stimulated. Have you ever thought of doing a Boudoir photo shoot for him? I am a photographer and I recently did one for a client in her late 50s. She was having the same issues as you. we did tons of photos, different lingerie, bedroom shots, some fun outdoors shots, bikini shots andything that might turn him on. I put together a calendar for him, one photo per month, and we also did a book, 28 pages of awesome sexy photos from completely covered cute shots to completely nude with a feather boa on shots.

    Of course I photoshoped out some wrinkle and made her sexier. She said since she gave it to him he has stopped looking for pics on the internet, he even told me thanks for doing it! It was done tastefully and it gives him Visual stimulation of His WIFE! Consider it!

  • gosh, many men are that way. Particularly I find when men are in their midlife crisis, they would do those nonsense things. Why?, to feel young, to escape the reality of being mature (I would avoid the word old as I believe 50ish is not old in my book). Remember when he looks at them, he probably thinks of himself when he was young, strong and would imagine those girls are head over heel for him.

    I do not have this problem with my husband. But my cousin (male cousin) is the worse on this. He is in his 60ish, and he went to cafe bar where the waitresses wear hardly anything (see through shirts and pants, ...yes, believe me) and they are in there 20ish. Can you believe that?

    I tell you another story, my ex-fiance when we were in our 20ish, he loved me dearly he said so all the time and I believe him till this date. Yet, he opened zillion social network accounts, collected zillion girls pictures, store dozen of girls cell numbers, chatted with them and even met them in person behind my back. When I caught him, he could not explain and kept running around my questions, giving me all BS lame answers and even tried to blame me as my head is not "clean" and that he did all those things but it mean nothing. Of course we broke off. After we broke off, he got him self drunk to near death, lost his job and kept IM me every 2, 3 months wanting me back. he Kept saying he is emptied inside, and dead inside without me and had been praying for me to come back. Can you understand this behavior?, I could not and I still can't. He loved me, but why did all that risking the love of his life? I think some men need to do such things to prove his power and that he is wanted and loved by women (one is not enough) even tho I was the only one he really loved and cared for.

    I think there is some defect in some of these men's gene...He struggled with his life for 2 years after the breaking up... I left and never wanted to look back... I was so painful for a year and finally moved on.

  • Guys are always looking at girls, period. It's inevitable. I'm sure that it's just because it's something pretty and nice to stare at.

  • There's been numerous studies to prove that men like to look at women who would be good suitors to carry their offspring, it's one of the strongest bases when it comes to physical attraction. He doesn't even completely understand why he has a sexual attraction to women of this age, it's just in his nature. Men are just built that way.

  • his pass life... when he was younger

  • beacause we are hotter then you, we are young and have tighter bodies. love exist but not in the way people want to believe it exists.

  • Everyone has their preference and certian things that turn them on when it comes to p*rn. I'm not gonna lie, I love my boyfriend to death but I still look at certain types of p*rn. Don't take it personal, if your really worried then just talk to him about it.

  • Because your old ass has a wrinkly p**** and they're probably way more willing and exciting in bed. Men have needs, sluttyahoes.

  • I heard that men get so much energy from those pictures of young girls. They even prefer average looking 20 years old rather than really beautiful 45 years old. It's man's nature to prefer young looking girls. Although I hate it, I have to admit it.

    I hated it when I found those pictures of naked young women in my father's computer. But I honestly believe that's why he still survives.

  • Give me his mail addy and I'll talk with him. ;-)

  • He's a pedofile and a creep

    • so? that's still way younger.. you can argue with me all you want, I stated my opinion and that's that

    • she never mention sex with 9 year old

  • Because that is what men do!

    • I have blocked no one! If you had been blocked you would not have been able to leave this comment here!

    • U are one of the hottest gal on this site... but y hav you blocked me

  • he;s a perv

  • You will have to admit, most of us were all a lot firmer, better looking and pert when we were in our 20's. Something about wanting our youth back that has a lot to do with it. I see some teenagers now that I secretly wish that I could be that girl with the knowledge I have now. Think most men are like this, some just hide it better than others.

    • we wives like to llok at the firm young hunks too!

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    He is remembering his youth, and reflecting on a time when that age group found him attractive. Men are visual, we have huge egos, and we are hunters. He will always want to look, and he will always want to sniff. You are safe as long as he does not become a pointer, or a tracker. Let him enjoy the pictures, and be there to enjoy the ride when his bone is ready. In fact, blow his mind and suggest some porn sites, and tell him you will be expecting some extra effort on his part towards you after he has watched. Red TUBE is a good one and it is free.

    The dangerous part of this is he is risking that you might decide to find attention from another source, and you are more likely to have what would attract what you would find, where he is not nearly as likely to get lucky with the girls he is web surfing.

    Men who cheat, do it if they think they can get away with it. Women who cheat, do it because the men they love are not paying enough attention to their basic needs to be loved, held and appreciated.

    Good Luck,


    • erikaranka... I am sorry to say it, but I think you have decided that men should think like women to appease your fears/concerns. If all (even most) men think this way, then it is not "wrong", but normal, and it is our expectations of thinking that they should think differently that needs to be addressed. Good luck with staying, or leaving. James

    • I would be totally upset if my husband only wanted sex after he looked at other women. That's horrible. I would want to die. I think men need to stop their p*rn addictions and pay attention to the women who may not look like the women on the videos, but love them and put up with all of their stupid crap. Guys treat us badly, take us for granted and then wonder why we leave.

    • I don't disagree with your point, but I was trying to say that IF a guy cheats, it is usually because he thinks he can get away with it, not because he is missing something at home. Men who don't cheat, usually don't because they are worried about the outcome, fear of loosing it all. Women don't even THINK about it if they are getting the love and attention they desire at home. I am using extremes, and it won't apply to everyone, but more often than not. Thanks for the VOTE for free porn. lol

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  • this answer never changes he likes what he sees, nothing more

  • I don't believe you're really 55 if you don't know why your husband looks at young women. You should know the answer to that by now.

  • Because there are pictures of naked 18 - 20 y/o girls that need to be looked at.

    • Fair enough, if that's what she wants to do.

    • and pics of 18-22 year old boy wifey needs to be enjoying!

  • "Boys will be boys" only begins to tell the story. The real issue here is not that he looks at women, but that he looks at significantly younger women. The explanation for this is dead-easy. Just think about how old he'll have been when he was most "on his game" and when his hormones were least in check. Every man is going to hold the fondest sexual memories of the time when he was the most sexually 'in his element'. It might not be pleasant for you, but it shouldn't be entierly surprising either.

  • no pedo no

  • coz he wants to satisfy himself...which he probably can't do by looking at the pictures of 50 year old women...!

  • I keep thinking I'll reach an age when lust will no longer be a distraction, but I turn 60 soon, and a curve of hip or leg or a flash of skin is still a serious traffic hazard for me. It doesn't seem to matter how much sex I'm getting, it's a constant visual magnetic attraction that must be hard-wired deep in my brain somewhere. I do try and be tactful and not leer, but it's not easy.

  • There aren't many sites that have photos of 50+ year old women, that's one reason. Men are visual. We like looking at pretty women, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with you.

  • Hey I'm 17 and I got year answer sort of say right here... Hez a guy lady! :D every guy is a boy even if hez 90 he would continue to chase his temptation for the young chicks... Because that is what guys do... all guys... even my dad too :) no kidding

  • A mid life crisis, I suppose. Either that or he just loves women so much, he has become obsessed with their curvaceous bodies.

  • You know, some people like to look at other beautiful people.

  • Even the most faithful man (I am) appreciates a beautiful women as art. He is probably thinking: "How lovely she is", translated: "Yummy!" but that does not mean he is fantasizing bedding her.

  • when I was a kid... they feel old

  • men don't wanna get old.. they always want to feel wanted and sexy etc... they don't and won't accept the fact they have to settle for older women now :P

  • my dad is 56 and looks at 18 year old girls... he may love you and never cheat on you but when looking at those girls he wishes he was young again and with younger girls... also its always awesome for the guy when he's older like in his 50's and he's able to have sex with a girl who is 18

    • Its like ur me... my dad is also 56 lol and I am pretty sure he looks :P

  • If he's anything like me it's because he's wishing he could go back in time and have more varied sexual experiences with young girls, because, let's face it, there's a freshness there that's irreplaceable. He probably loves sex with you, but guys are greedy and we wish that everyone in the world we're sexually attracted to could be our bedroom plaything.

  • A lot of guys including myself love that age - To me its just something that is hard to describe -

    If you get pictures of girls of all ages and love at them side by side , girls in the age bracket that you are talking about just have this look, this glow, this look or feel of innocence in their eyes and their smile -

    I'm not sure if it's something that woman can see themselves ya know, I am pretty sure a woman would not see the same thing a man sees -

    Hard to describe like I said but I tired -

  • As an older guy I understand the fear of growing old and realizing your attractiveness to the opposite sex is becoming more and more limited. From a visual stand point men are more subject to stimulation by what we see than women so it is not something we could explain in a sense you might understand. It is like explaining what something looks like to a blind person.

    Many of us "older" guys often imagine these women are looking at us as attractive and available men they would be interested in. I know it is not "rational" but these thoughts help us forget our advancing years and the distance it places between what we once were and where we are going.

    As long as he loves you and is not actually cheating let him have his little fantasies...they may even help in your bedroom!

    It is not cheating..it is more a form of looking back at a time that has passed us by.

  • Young girls are just pretty is all. I look at 20 something girls to but I would never date one. I also look at a lot of girls that are in their 40's and 50's. I was so in love with a woman who is 50 or so years old that I was just sick over it I'm 43.

  • try and not let it get to you so much. Guys are visual big time and even though we may be married or have a girlfriend we still enjoy looking at other women. It doesn't mean that we don't love you or care about you. It may be a fantasy that kick starts the viewing of younger women. Me personally I have always enjoyed looking at older women, but still look at younger ones as well. My preference is matur women however. Then I've always had a fantasy since I was 15 to have sex with my friends mom who's 20 years older than me. Even today I still have that fantasy. Men are creatures of "eye candy" and I'm sure even YOU get glaces from younger guys that you may not catch ;)

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