Cum in condom while inside the girl?

is a guy able to come with a condom on while inside the girl? or is that just too risky because it would spill out of the condom easily and into the girls vagina?

obviously they're using condoms to prevent pregnancy and std's. so would doing the above be too risky? so would the guy always have to pull out before he cums?

lets keep the smart ass answers away please. I've never had sex so I really don't know. but I'm planning to soon and I always hear guys say how good it feels for them to come inside their girl so... or is that just able to be done when you're already in that completely monogamous relationship and are having sex without condoms?



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  • Yup, you are able to come inside a condom while ur inside the girl, that's what they're for :o)

  • As long as you leave room at the tip, this is totally fine.

  • This question could have so easily been taken as another joke. But you showed a great amount of common sense and intelligence that many other users don't exhibit here. You explained yourself. Thanks you. So many other users would be so lucky to learn from you how to ask a real question.

    It is expected for a man to come while using a condom. They are designed with that in mind, among other things. A condom is never 100% safe for preventing pregnancy or disease because it is always possible (however remotely) that there is a hole in it or it wasn't put on right etc. But essentially, assuming you did everything according to directions, it is okay if the guy ejaculates while wearing a condom while inside your vagina. Billions of other people all over the world do it every day. Just make sure you follow the directions for putting it on exactly. It has to be used right to work right.

    • Thank you for another clear answer...and not making me feel stupid lol :)

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    At first I was wondering if you were for serious, but then I saw you were a virgin. The condom goes all the way to the base of the cack, so the guy would need to jizz like 1.5 cups of semen in order for it to fill the condom up and spill out...that's not gonna happen.

    • I just laughed so hard at your answer that my drink almost came out my nose. nicely put :-)

    • Thanks for a clear answer:)

  • I'm about to sleep with my girlfriend for the first time this next week and we're in a completely managomous relationship. Still, we're using condoms to be safe. We keep a Plan B pill on hand just in case because although condoms ARE designed to allowing the man to come inside her, it's ideal to have a plan b.. pardon the pun. And have fun!

  • Condoms have a reservoir tip, to contain the ejaculate so that it doesn't spill.

    That said, if someone is going to come inside you unprotected, you both should be monogamous.

  • Look I know you already got some answers but I need to add something to those answers,that's is in fact the purpose of the condom so there's nothing to worry about,but...on the other side of the coin it's the fact of the proper manipulation of the condom,if you follow the instructions on the condom's cage you won't have any trouble,but remember to always be careful not to scratch it accidentally while trying to open it with your mouth or nails,this is very important because there's a lot of cases every year of pregnant girls who didn't manipulate the condom properly and a single scratch could f*** you up,this is most common in cases of flavors condoms when girls have oral sex with their bf's while he's wearing the condom.Hope I have been helpful and don't forget to rate if you like the answer

    • Excellent point and great advice. To further add upon your point about using a condom for oral sex, it is always a good idea to use a second new condom after the oral for any "straight" intercourse. Better safe than sorry.

  • thats the point of the condom, so you can "come" inside her but its really inside the condom. lol

    • I feel lame haha. thanks for clearing that up!

    • This is the only answer that needs to be here. This is one of the main purposes of a condom. I weep for sex education.