My wife won't have sex with me because she's pregnant?

My wife won't have sex with me because she thinks its going to hurt our unborn child (shes 5 months pregnant). I'm going insane I have needs. I even did some research and its seems pretty safe to me. Any ideas

She had a miscarriage two years ago if that helps

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  • Seeing as she had a miscarriage, her fear is completely justifiable and a reason for you to be sensitive and understanding of her fear.

    However, you two may be able to have sex and have no problems. What you need to do is have her ask her gynecologist. Her gyno is the only person who is qualified to tell her that she can or cannot have sex. Even then, only she can make the final decision and whatever that decision is, know that it is not to spite you or to make you suffer, but that it is for (what she perceives to be) the safety of your baby.

    As for your needs, consider visiting a sex toy shop, they have some amazing "devices" that you could ease your frustrations with. And this break won;t be forever, it will only last a few more months.

  • I understand the whole not wanting to have sex thing... I know it is pretty much safe but it creeps me out that you are poking at my unborn child. The fact she had a miscarriage before could explain a lot as well. She is probably being extremely protective over it so it is safe. When I have kids I probably wouldn't have sex either lol but I would at least try to keep my guy satisfied by either bj or handjob...

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