First night of sex with a new girl. What to do?? Condoms?

First night of sex with a new girl. What to do?

I'm mainly concerned about when to use a condom.

I fully expect a hand job, blow job, and intercourse.

My question is, do girls usually make guy wear condom when giving hj and bj?

Because I don't want to. Its stupid. But I will indeed wear the condom for insertion tho!

So what do you people think?


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  • late response, but for future reference, I'd say that you should DEFINITELY use a condom for sex. you could use one for oral, but a lot of girls won't require one. they make those flavored condoms and I'm sure that some girls would like those. a condom for a hand job is ridiculous in my opinion, but if the girl wants to use one, so be it.

  • No a guy needs to wear a condom with a blowjob and regular sex. You don't need a condom for a hand job of course but unless you want to catch an STD or have her catch an STD then you should wear a condom for both oral, vaginal, and anal sex. And who needs unwanted pregnancy?

  • It doesn't matter for hj but it's super important for blowjobs unless you wanna catch stds..her as well as you (the mouth is as sensitive to these as the vagina is..).

    So oral or intercourse=condom.

    Or you and her get tested and then you don't need it anymore for oral.

  • I wouldn't make a guy wear a condom for a bj or hj, and you don't have to unless she asks.

    • Read this: "What infections can I catch through oral sex? ": link

  • if she wants you to wear one for a BJ or handjob then you should

    • THere are as many stupid girls as there are stupid guys.

    • depends on the girl... I wouldn't tho not for those 2

    • i would respect their request.

      but which is most often the case: girl prefers guy wearing condom or girl doesn't care bout it?

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    For a hand job, there's no risk.

    Oral is as risky as vaginal sex: link

    Here's why you should use condoms:

    > 1 in 4 teen girls has sexually transmitted disease

    Virus that causes cervical cancer most common, government study finds : link

    1 in four, that's riskier odds than Russian roulette ( (odds are one in 6 then)

    >Half of Teen Girls Have STIs by 2 Years of First Sex : link

    1 in 2 that's like flipping a coin, heads or tails (odds 1 in 2)heads , you're safe, tails, you got a VD.

    And that's because some guys and girls don't use condoms.

    Condoms are quite comfortable and do not stop sensations: just use the 'featherlight' or ultra thin' kinds from Durex or Trojan.

    USE CONDOMS: no condoms? No sex, unless you got both tested first.

  • Oral sex is as risky as vaginal , concerning STI's, but somewhat less risky than anal concerning AIDS , thus gay sites and anti Aids sites consider oral 'less risky' but only from the AIDS pov.

    Girls know they can have succes with the boys and are less at risk concerning pregnancy.

    Thus some tend to be foolishly careless to keep their hymen intact.

  • rock her world? wrap it of course. unless you don't mind 18 years of child support. bye bye BMW

    man you serious. its after oral you strap on and take control my friend