Can semen leak out of a condom if it's tight on me?

I was having sex with my girlfriend and I came while she was on top of me and I had a condom on but I thought that her fluid was my come because I thought I leaked from the condom but should I worry about that if my penis was dry when I took the condom off and only the tip of my penis was wet from my semen?


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    Unless there's a hole it won't leak out.

    The reason why is because when you roll the condom down you pinch the top so that there's a little airless bubble on the top, so that when you come, it fills up that pocket and doesn't squish around your penis and potentially leak out the bottom

    It also doesn't need to be super tight, just snug enough to stay on despite the friction, in fact it shouldn't be super tight because that will allow a greater chance of ripping because it will be pulled so taunt.


    Pinch, so that there's a little pocket to catch the semen on top.

    If you do that it will not leak out the bottom!

    • That's cool only problem now is that she doesn't have a job because she's too busy and I'm trying to find one so we wouldn't be able to unless I get money from someone but at least now I know and I'll tell her thanks

    • Yes she's on her parent's insurance but the insurance company will pay for them whether or not there's approval from the parents. My mum and dad didn't find out I started anti-depressants until a few months went by, because I was paying the co-pay myself. Which, if she gets them 3 months at a time, and a generic brand, will only be about $12 every three months for birth control. I'd say if you're worried have her talk to her doctor.

    • Dang that sucks but I think because my girlfriend is under her parents medical insurance that they would have to prescribe them for her but she did say that the doctors won't tell her parents anything that she says so that's good but we were just gonna wait until she turns 18 so she can just get it herself like what we're gonna do with the plan b but I'm the one who is 18 so I gotta get it for her but I'm kinda nervous

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  • no... I think your probably good

    • Yea I think so too but I was wondering if I should buy plan b for her because we're worried

  • you should have taken off the condom and then filling it a little bit with water in the sink or bathroom and if it leaked water it meant it hd even the tiniest hole in it... hope it helps..

    • Well I'm talking about it leaking from the inside and eventually ending up at the base of the condom where the ring is if the semen was in the tip of the condom and I'm lying on my back after she got off of me

  • Did you not think to check the condom? If its ripped then you came in her if its not then you didnt

    • Well it wasn't super tight but tight enough so that it was hard to get over the head of my penis and so that it couldn't slip off which is a normal sized condom but also when I pulled it off after only the tip of my penis was wet from my come the rest of my penis was dry

    • Oh right well then yes, unless it was excrutiatingly tight it still could come out the bottom

    • No the condom wasn't ripped I checked it when it dried up a little on the outside and the semen was still inside but I was just wondering could it leak down the where the ring is even if it's kinda snug on me by the way we didn't keep going I told her to jump of so I could change

  • Not unless it has a hole on it, which you should be able to see.

    • Ok thanks I'm a little more at ease now because I don't wanna waste like $40 on plan b if she doesn't need it

    • When you take them off it doesn't easily drip to the bottom, especially if you take it straight off. Even if it did there's so little chance she'd be pregnant. So I reckon you're alright.

    • Yea also I checked as I was pulling it off and I was dry up until I got the tip because of my cum

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