My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time.

He had a condom on. But when he was done he pulled out and the condom didn't want to go. he promises me that it was on the whole time we were doing it. I was a little scared because I wasn't sure if it was really on the whole time. But I believe him, since he too cried of worry. But I don't know. I told my mom that I had sex, she freaked but I told her what happen and got the plan B pill less then 24hrs after. Do you think I have a less chance of getting prego? I can't seem to calm down, but I just want to believe that everything will be ok. Also, one weird Q, after he pulled out, some fluid came from me.i really don't know a lot about it someone please explain just a little,I've done my research and I'm still not sure, also it left a huge stain in the back of the car. ekk!


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  • Ya sometimes the condom does fall off and stay in the vagina . I know its gross but it happens. Did he pull it out of you carefully enough so that the sperm inside did not spill ? Either way , you took PLan B and you should be fine now . Take a pregnancy test in a month or so just in case. But try to calm down hunny , you reacted responsibly and you should be fine (:

  • oh dear here are a few tips.

    1 don't trust guys when it comes to sex

    2 with young guys, don't trust guys when it comes to sex

    3 that stuff that came out of you could be his come after sex if the condom was not on.\

    4 yes you could be prego but lets hope not.

  • the plan B works wonders girl, especially within 24 hours. that thing works up to 5 days after the unprotected sex. trust me, you have nothing to worry about. I freaked out too when I first started having sex, but the worry will drive you crazy and you will never have peace of mind!

    and about the fluid coming from you.. your body naturally creates vaginal lubrication during intercourse or sexual activity. basically, it means your body liked what it felt! without that lubrication, sex would be pretty painful. nothing to worry about girl!

  • First of all the fluid that came out of you was likely just to be natural vaginal lubricant - something your vagina automatically generates when it needs to become more lubricated in order for the penis to move in and out easier and less painfully.

    Everything will be okay, it's good that you have caring, loving relationships with both your mother and your boyfriend. Therefore no matter what happens from now on - both of thoose people will be there to support you and likely support the choices you make.

  • first off you need to be put on birth control immediately if you want to continue having sex with him. I'm guessing that the fluid that came out of you and stained your car would be a mixture of blood and other fluids caused by the bursting of your hymen also known as "popping your cherry."

    you more than likely aren't pregnant. you did everything that you needed to you do prevent this (everything but birthcontrol) from happening. plan b is very effective so no worries.

    and sorry, but this needs to be said, I'm a little worried that you are having sex too young and too uninformed. the fact that you didn't know about popping your hymen is what makes me think this. maybe you should learn a bit more before you try again. pregnancy and stds are scary things

    • My cherry was already popped. It wasnt blood at all. but thanks and I don't plan on doing anything till I know more and get on birth control.

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    "But when he was done he pulled out and the condom didn't want to go. "

    what does that mean? He pulled out but the condom was still in you. the condom was glued to his dick? Please explain.

    "I was a little scared because I wasnt sure if it was really on the whole time."

    When you have sex for the first time, some boys will pound away to much ie loads of rapid thrusting. this doesn't work well for condoms and they can slit or just come off. If you think the condom was off. you need to take the emergency contraception pill. You have 5 days NOT 24 HOURS to take the pill. My girl firend and I use condoms for contraception, and about once a year it will split, or break and we have to use the emergency pill. its normal.

    Also its kinda of difficult to tell if the condoms on, I still find it difficult and I've been using condoms for 15 years and have a more senstive uncircumsized penis. So I wouldn't believe your Boyfriend when he says it was on the whole time.

    (Note: during sex you need to check the condom about every 5 mintues or so.)

    "I told my mom that I had sex, she freaked "

    im not suprised.

    Do you think I have a less chance of getting prego?

    If the condom was off or broken then you had unprotected sex.

    after he pulled out, some fluid came from me?

    If the condom broke that was his come and some of your vigina (love) juice. That would make a nasty stain. You were a virgin, so there could also be blood.

    (Note: all women after unprtected sex, have the unpleasent experience of the come dribbling out of the vigina.)

    • No its out! no worries

    • After an orgasim the penis, shrinks in size very quickly. so when you wear a condom, you have to get out, straight after you cum. If you cuddle for a while then yes when he pull out of you, there a good chance the condom would stayed in you.

    • Well I took the pill already. the condom was still in me (*shudder*) and he checked alot...either that or he really just wanted a peek..

      and does that "juice" only happen after unprotected sex?

  • Actually no more then likely it was your cervical or vaginal fluid. You would KNOW if it was semen. It's sticky, gooey, and smells like musk.

  • wow you told your mom. sucks for you and I agree with the guy under me

  • he came inside of you? if not. sucks to be YOU!