Do you REALLY need a condom for anal sex?

Guys, let's say you and your girlfriend are going to have anal sex (girls just fill in the blank, but you are the one reciving). Do you really need a condom if you use lube, both tested for stds and she's cleaned herself? (ex:enema etc) Is there a pretty big possibility of pregnant? Is there one if she's on the pill?

Because, I love the feeling of him spraying cmm inside, and skin to skin...but I don't want to get preg/etc from being stupid and ignoring the condom.


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    Pregnancy is a potential issue if she is not on the pill, but the main reason why it is still necessary to use condoms during anal sex is that STDs are not the only infections that can be spread through anal sex. There is bacteria in the anus that the penis is not made for, so it's important to protect it for that reason. Also, the membranes of the anus are extremely thin and delicate, and not intended to handle the friction from sex. Even microscopic tears in the skin can be dangerous for the receiving partner, because bacteria from the anus can enter the bloodstream etc. It's just best to use a condom. The risks are certainly there.

  • I personally don't like condoms and most of the time I let guys come in bareback...eventhough I should know better but hey lust huh?!

    I wouldn't be to worried about it your in a monogomous relation and stuff so don't think your in trouble...

  • I guess not.choose best answer

  • Its a chocie like if you don't use one you can still do it so you don't need it

  • You can get more diseases from anal than vaginal.

    Like fical matter...I think the guy is more at risk though

  • u cannot get pregnant from anal sex alone. condom is always a good idea to HELP protect against infection and etc but its not needed

  • I've only had anal sex within a committed monogamous relationship, and have NEVER used a condom when I've done it.

  • You don't need it. You're clearly a committed couple so bareback anal is fine. The risks are minimal. He might get prostatitis, an inflamed prostate but antibiotics fix that quick. You might get a yeast infection if he's in your vagina after without cleaning up first. The fast and easy way to clean up is hand sanitizer. It kills e.coli great, is convenient and you can do it for him. ;)

  • I'd strongly suggest it. Who knows how much bacteria is back there.

  • i don't use a condom, that's a bonus of anal... no pregancy and you don't need a condom!

  • If you're both clean, no need for a condom.

  • The odds of pregnancy are staggeringly low.

    If she's on the pill, they're laughable.

  • He should use a condom. The anus has bacteria which can enter his body and cause infection. Plus you can pull it out and have some corn stuck to the side. Makes one think about corn differently.

    You see is some adult movies going from anus to vagina which can cause medical issues.

  • The possibility of getting pregnant is virtually zero. Given that you've addressed the STD issue, then it's fine.

  • You don't have to use a condom during anal but its best to use one just for safety. From a guys point of view, I don't want sh*t on my d*** or any bacteria making its way up there. Not worth the risk of infection. Plus the lining of the anus is so thin that if your not lubed up enough, the friction can cause tears and infection. Yours and your partners health is the #1 thing you need to focus on.

  • Its always recommended to use a condom when ever having anal sex due to the chances of STD's.

  • Lol! What are they teaching you kids in school these days? Condoms are for p ussies... literally.

  • u don't need to. but id only do tht if I was dating a girl for quite awhile or I was married to her. you know someone who you have complete trust in

  • ...well, you're definitely under 18...

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  • Numero Uno..I do not think I could have anal sex...still requires a hard d***? With pee, have to do that sooner or later anyway..need a condom? No I don't believe that you do IFFFFFFFF

    you have confidence in your partner...lots of potential problems there...idk..I would not insist on a condom if doing a woman on her would be unable anyway if for anal...:S

    • C' smarter than that?

  • You can't get pregnant from anal or oral honey...

    • Theoretically it's not possible, but we're assuming here that no semen accidentally reaches her vagina, which is certainly not out of the question. So you still need to be very conscious of that.

    • Lol man.. You answer things very similar to how I would on things like this.

  • lol nobody else realized that she asked if you are having ANAL do you need a condom to not get pregnant?

  • I would never NOT use a condom its too risky and I don't want sh*t going up into my d*** then having an infection and going to the doctor. Not worth it if I had anal with a girl I'd always wear a condom.