Does your hips get wider if you have sex a lot?

This girl at my school was a virgin and very meek around guys, but then after she got a boyfriend her hips seem to have gotten noticeably wider. I was wondering about how'd she get curves in such a short period of time and several years past puberty age and my friend said that after a girl loses her virginity, her hips become wider if she has sex a lot. Is there any truth to that?

Or maybe it's from birth control because most girls go on birth control after they've become sexually active? Kind of reminds me of the myth that if a guy massages your breasts they'll get bigger.


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  • No! She most likely hit development a little late. Hell, I was almost 22 when my boobs finally decided to catch up. Puberty is not done by 16; it can last into the mid twenties. But no, sex does not make your hips wider.

  • My hips didn't widen until I had children... got pregnant.

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    I never noticed the phenomena, however I do recall numerous times when I was a teen hearing the older people making remarks about different girls getting "honeymoon hips". Because of that I would say it is quite possible that the female pelvis opens with sexual activity.

    • Sox, no ofense taken. Like I said, you may well be correct. What do you think though about the pelvis deforming during childbirth? I'm inclined to think the female pelvis is somewhat maleable during the child bearing years.

    • No worries, I wasn't trying to discredit you. Just trying to say that I was under a different impression. My intuition strongly leans towards disbelieving that the pelvis could become bent via sex.

    • Wow, that's interesting. I assumed it wasn't true. I really hope that doesn't happen to me because I already have hips.

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  • It's coincidence, girls usually get sexually active around puberty, when their hips are getting bigger anyway.

    • She's well past puberty age. We all thought she was just one of those girls that have no shape, but then within a couple of months after she got a boyfriend, her hips got noticeably wider.

  • Having sex has no relationship to the size of a girl's hips. It may have to do with puberty, her eating habits, or her exercise (or lack thereof) but it's not from sex.

    • She's 19 (this happened last year when she was 18), so she's well past puberty. Maybe it was eating habits/lack of exercise, but her hips are the only thing that got noticeably bigger. Her boobs, tummy, and butt are still flat as a board.

  • IMHO it's rather the other way round: when girls reach maturity, their hips get rounder, their breasts get fuller and they also start sexual activity=>having their breasts touched, losing their virginity.