Why are guys so complicated?

I mean. I know they say that girls are the complicated gender, but honestly.. guys never show their feelings and it makes us really self conscious! We never know how they feel and they keep giving us mixed signals.. So to all you guys out there, can you give us a guideline or something? : )


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  • "We never know how they feel and they keep giving us mixed signals.. "

    Trust what your gut feelings (the "I just know" kind of feeling) are telling you. They never lie to you, nor can they be lied to. That's the best way to know. If you have to rely on what others tell you, through words and other things like body languages, you are putting yourself at risk, how high that risk is depends on who you are communicating with. This is the same for both sexes.

    As for what guys want, see if these links help?

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  • If we put ourselves out there, we might get hurt. =(

    I'm pretty expressive, and I let people know what's on my mind. Maybe that's why I never saw guys as very complicated. Oh right. Because I am a guy...

    With guys it's usually black and white. There's no tricks, no walk around, no shortcut. When guys say something, they usually mean it. Analyzing is not good! It really is straight forward unless it's one of those "shifty" types. >.>

    I'm really not sure what I can say besides that, but that's what I've found. I'm one of those sensitive types, so I let my emotions show. I have a hard time relating to other men.

    Good luck. Maybe there's a sensitive guy coming to a theater near you!

  • Yup, that could be the case all right. I'm neither good at giving signals nor noticing them that's why I think girls are so complicated :P since I don't get what the heck they want. I prefer if girls just say what they feel as opposed to giving signals through body language. That way nothing can go wrong even if the guy is in denial of his own feelings. So just talk to the guy and ask him how he feels; the result would be way more the way I see it.

  • Just communicate. Guys are more likely to tell you exactly what they think or feel if you ask exactly what you want to know.

  • As an older man I can share my views on this topic with out hesitation. Many people go into a relationship with a set of ideas, rules and a form of a reality that they think is reasonable. However, if you only scratch the surface of Love to a committed relationship you will be disappointed. There is an author Erick Fromm who wrote an article The Art Of Loving. The overall concept of this articles says you must place a relationship as priority as you do your work, your family... You cannot half commit and expect wonderful results. Communication and liberating yourself and your partner is the true epitome of living for love...

  • us guys are more likely to tell you how we feel. Unlike you girls we have no clue what you feel. Some guys are afraid of getting hurt that's why it's sometimes hard to show are feelings, but I don't have that problem I show my feelings

  • We don't want to show our feelings, we want other people to see us as common people, as strong real men. But I tell you, we have strong feelings and we sometimes cry when we are alone or when we are with a person very close to us. If a guy strives on love, he will do everything for it. If the guy strives for his religion, he will do everything to serve their god. If the guy strives for success, he will do what he can for it. If he seeks close friendship, he will strive for it wholeheartedly, and etc. Whatever he strives into, he wholeheartedly do what he can for it. However, he greatly hides his feelings and doesn't want people to see those. The same also to women, I think.



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  • I learned something pretty valuable..guys are not complicated..we make them complicated.

    If a guy is quiet, its easy to freak out..wondering what he's thinking of, how it affects us, what it means to us that he doesn't want to talk. In truth, he probably simply has nothing to say.

    A guy can say something...and its easy to read between the lines...interpreting and analyzing his tone, his expression and get a much deeper meaning out of it...when in truth..he said what he had to say..nothing less nothing more.

    Im not saying guys are transparent...far from it. But generally speaking...we can tear ourselves up over nothing save for what we've created in our heads.. In truth...the less we perceive, the more we see... that applies to understanding how a guy feels as well. Don't read between the lines or expect long heartfelt "share our feelngs" sessions... just pay attention to how he behaves.

  • As a female, I am struggling with this question myself. I had what felt like a great relationship, and a really compassionate guy. He never failed to express how he felt for me. We had a deep connection from the beginning and a one year relationship. But then things seemed to take a 180. I'm not even sure what happened. Yea we had outside things to deal with causing stress, but this was nothing knew and we usually could always communicate our way through it. But then less and less he wanted to talk. The problem of him not having a job caused us to not be able to go out as much and stress. One day he broke up with me, I'm sure it wasn't because of another girl. In the months following we still had contact and he expressed his love for me on different occasions, but we never officially got back together. We still had that special connection though. But less and less he wanted to talk, he did get a job early on, but I don't know if its commitment issues, when he was so committed at first for a year, or what. I don't know what is going on in his head, and he may be talking to someone else, love? idk. I never ever cheated or anything like that, but am struggling with how our relationship quickly turned so sour, please help!

  • But what if they really don't show any real signs, you see sometimes a mom can have those gut feelings thinking " oh well he is alright" or just okay.

    But for the crushing girl thats different... Attitude and or body language are signs in saying they either have a positive, netrual or negative type of language they either want to share or just won't.

    Guys have just to me changed so much, its not like the moives ((never saying that it was just saying)) guys won't go up to you or poke you and say hi.

    Guys just seem to want the girl not only to say hi.. They always want them to do all the talking, bieng that conversation starter and its really annoying for me.

    I don't want to trust my gut most times on how a guy is feeling, i don't want to be that conversation starter. i don't always have anything to say or talk about so why can't they?

    Relationship is built on 50/50 effort..
    If he is only going 30 or 20 keeping to himself then my question is why.

    You can't do that in a relationship, you just can't because for the girl they choose to be with, its hard and annoying always trying to communicate to a lost cause.

    Sorry if i offended someone, its just REALLY annoying when you say you WANT a girlfriend but you choose not to trust her or have her always having to keep pestering about what to say if they don't even try to talk to you.

  • Guys think that girls are confusing because they don't show you if they like you or not. Think of a guy and a girl as an equation. So let's say a guy likes a girl and talks to her for one week and then bluntly asks her if she likes him, for me as a girl my response wouldn't be clear because I don't know him a whole lot I maybe do like him but I don't know if he likes me. So since guys are so straightforward about there feelings if u show girls more signs like holding their hand a lot or walking them to class all the time texting them a lot. When u ask well be, clear because we know that we won't get rejected and that the guy actually likes them.

  • What I believe it is is that we both have hormones and guys hormones are mainly in the inner primitive lobe when they see an attractive (hot) girl. They can be just like us in fact some ask the same thing