If the man that your dating buys you a toothbrush to keep at his house what does that imply?


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  • A. that you stay over a lot, and B. you had better not use his.

    • Haha What if he made me use his once even when I didn't want to?

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    • Is there really nothing more to a man buying you a toothbrush when he's at the store? Its really considerate. And when I told him I didn't want to use it cause it was gross, " He replied I kiss you" lol were great together I'm just curious what goes through his head sometimes.

    • Bad habit, wondering what's in a man's head. We usually don't know, and when we do it's typically either vulgar or irrelevant--nothing you care to know.

      He's great, he's likes you, and he brushes his teeth. Not much more to know, really.

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  • he thinks you need your own tooth brush for whatever reasons , maybe he gto annoyed you used his or someone else from his house did . that be my guess , they just want you to use your own tooth brush .

  • He loves you! Someone loves you! Haha!

  • its thoughtful from his side to think about the little things that you need or like..


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  • Ew! No one could get me to use their toothbrush...! LoL

    How he did it may mean something? Like if he said..oh hey there's a toothbrush in there for you now...then it may just be a practicality issue.

    If he did it like my boyfriend did, it may mean more...he excitedly called to let me know he got something for me...and when I came over, he couldn't wait to show me..even saying "its your favorite color too!" Not long after, he encouraged me to bring over any things I prefer to use so for when I take a shower and stuff and cleared a shelf for me. For him, it was a huge deal cause he wanted me to know he was sharing his space with me.

    • Lol yea that's what I thought when he told me to use his, but I did it anyway.lol He did it sweetly and left it on the kitchen table so I could see it when we were about to start cooking. Then said did you see the toothbrush I bought you, I thought it was the sweetest thing anyones ever done for me or maybe I'm just really falling head over for this guy lol