The toothbrush?

If the man that your dating buys you a toothbrush to keep at his house what does that imply?

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  • A. that you stay over a lot, and B. you had better not use his.

    • Haha What if he made me use his once even when I didn't want to?

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    • Is there really nothing more to a man buying you a toothbrush when he's at the store? Its really considerate. And when I told him I didn't want to use it cause it was gross, " He replied I kiss you" lol were great together I'm just curious what goes through his head sometimes.

    • Bad habit, wondering what's in a man's head. We usually don't know, and when we do it's typically either vulgar or irrelevant--nothing you care to know.

      He's great, he's likes you, and he brushes his teeth. Not much more to know, really.