What's with my boyfriend always saying my full name aloud to me and asking me to say his full name aloud?

He does this often. He also made sure I knew what his surname meant. Some sort of male ego thing?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I know in asian cultures, names are very important. Everybody uses your last name, but you first (or full) name is reserved for people VERY close to you. So maybe he is using it, and wanting it to be used, as a sign of closeness. That's just my point of view on this, though.

    I was pretty sad to see so many people saying it was "weird" or it would "drive them nuts". It's perfectly normal to me...

    • I was wondering whether it was some sort of endearment. Wasn't sure. He seems to be using the speaking of the names to get my attention and perhaps it is him trying to be close and bond. Thank you

    • Yeah, that's what that sort of thing would mean to me.