What's with my boyfriend always saying my full name aloud to me and asking me to say his full name aloud?

He does this often. He also made sure I knew what his surname meant. Some sort of male ego thing?


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  • I know in asian cultures, names are very important. Everybody uses your last name, but you first (or full) name is reserved for people VERY close to you. So maybe he is using it, and wanting it to be used, as a sign of closeness. That's just my point of view on this, though.

    I was pretty sad to see so many people saying it was "weird" or it would "drive them nuts". It's perfectly normal to me...

    • I was wondering whether it was some sort of endearment. Wasn't sure. He seems to be using the speaking of the names to get my attention and perhaps it is him trying to be close and bond. Thank you

    • Yeah, that's what that sort of thing would mean to me.

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  • Why do full names bother you so much? Some sort of female ego thing?


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  • Thats about as strange as someone who refers to themselves in the third person. I guess that's just one of his "quirks"...who knows...

    So in everyday conversation, he uses your full name at all times, and wants you to do the same to him? Or is it during introductions or such that he does that?

    • It's not in a conversation just alone

    • That is very strange indeed... That would drive me nuts!

  • Your full name? That is odd. Like saying "Kathy Smith, can you hand me the salt" or "Kathy Smith, I love you"? I am puzzled by this.

    • He just says my name aloud nothing else. example "kathy smith" ennunciating sometimes the sounds separately or saying it just altogether.

    • That sounds very strange. Sorry, but I have never heard of something like that.

  • It does sound like an ego thing to me. A lot of guys just like hearing their name being said.