Is it OK for my husband to tell another woman he loves her?

My husband was very friendly with a female coworker. He would call her outside of work. It made me uncomfortable so I asked him to stop talking to her outside of work. He refused, he stated "I'm not doing anything wrong." The situation escalated over time and I again asked him to stop talking to her. He told me he did. However, he sent her two text messages one that said " I love you" and one that said "call me when you can." They were sent consecutively. I confronted him about this and he said she was having a bad day with her Boyfriend and he was just telling her as a friend. This is very unusual for him to tell anyone he loves them. I asked him to stop talking to her, again. He lied and said he did, but she would just randomly stop by his work. He told me he thought she was stalking him and he did not know how to get rid of her. Yet he never told her to go away. Should I believe him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He's disrespecting you and your marriage. It's probably hard for you to see as clearly as you should, as you want to believe him. The fact is, he has no business even associating outside of the work place with any woman, and he sure has no business telling her he loves her in any context. Tell him you will be very glad to tell her to go away (as his wife you have every right) if he can't seem to do it himself, but that if you so much as even hear of him being in contact with her again, you're are out the door. He is way out of line, and it's obvious something is up. If it were me, and the money was available, I'd put a private investigator on his trail, and get the truth.