What does it mean when a girl says "I need time to think"?

Last Tuesday myself and my girlfriend broke up after a year together. We were due to move in together but she got doubts (shes 21 and I'm 25) and we talked about it and decided to split up (she said she needed time to think if she still wanted to be with me but I said I didn't want to be mucked... Show More

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  • a. when a girl says she needs time to think it just means that she wants to take things slowely and wants to think if she is doing the right thing for her... she doesn't want to hurt you

    b. it all depends on what she's been thinking about... my suggestion... bring a boquay of flowers and a poem express your feelings to her

    c. bring her somewhere special... like if you met at a special place bring her there... or bring her someplace that can resemble your feelings for her

    if ya want more info... send me a message