Does sex change everything in a relationship?

Do things start changing when you become sexually involved with your bf/gf? Recently I've had sex with my boyfriend and he has always been so sweet. Since then, he hasn't called, texted as much, or been really the same.

Is this normal? Should I be worried? All my friends say that he's probably been busy but I can tell a drastic difference. It's like he says all these things but doesn't really show it like he used to. I just want him back. He says he still has me but he seems irritated lately. What do I do?


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  • "Do things start changing when you become sexually involved with your bf/gf?" Yes. Having sex tends to lead to changes in a relationship.

    Are the changes always negative? No. For example, what if he's not communicating verbally as much because he feels a deeper connection, and doesn't feel a need to communicate verbally? What if he's _more_ comfortable with you, but you're misinterpreting him? What if he's a little irritable because he wonders why you can't enjoy the same wordless feelings of sharing your lives?

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      Dang, agreed twice with the cave dweller in a single day

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      The question asker is missing one of my points. I don't think that sex is the _only_ way he's showing he cares. I mean that men are more right-brained. That's the emotion center, but it's not the verbal center. Men _are_ in touch with our emotions, perhaps moreso than women. But because we don't verbalize feelings as readily, women assume we don't have emotions.

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      He might not be talking to you because he simply can't find the words to say what he feels. And if he thinks you're prying or impatient, he'll resent it and withdraw.

      So allow him to express emotions in his own way. And realize that way might not be verbally.