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My boyfriend's name tattooed on me.

I'm 19 and I've been with him since I was 11 I want 2 get his name on me where should I get it? he has mine on his arm.

well his names victor so if I ever break up I just add a y at the end and it will be victory.

now where should I get it?

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  • Well I'm also 19 and while I haven't been with my boyfriend as long as you have and congrats on that btw I just recently got his name tatted on my arm. I understand what people are saying yeah we are young but in my boyfriend and Is case we have been through so much in our short time two pregnancies and two miscarriages sick family members, death of loved ones, losing of jobs, dropping out of school and reentering, terrible jobs...the list goes on and I know that I love this man more than anything in this world and everything we do everyday we go to work and go to school is just us working towards getting married and being together forever. And some of my best friends hate the idea but I got my mans name as a symbol of the fact that I'm done...done dating done looking because I found my one true love. And I said all that just to say that if you want to do it don't let the naysayers change ur mind they can have every different opinion they want but at the end of the day its ur body and ur decision. The only person you have to answer too is the person looking back at you in the mirror...goodluck

What Guys Said 14

  • On a place where you can easily hide it for your next boy friend. I'd suggest under your hair (head or*****)

    • Never heard of a tattoo hidden by pubic hair. This guys creative ^^ :]

    • You ain't seen nothin' yet XD

  • I wouldn't recommend doing this. Why not wait til you are married? And better yet, you should ask your boyfriend where he thinks it's best. Not us.

  • not your arms or legs, maybe on your shoulder blade I believe

  • I would hold out until you are 25, but if you are going to do it anyway, on your leg near the ankle is a good spot.

    Good Luck,


  • id never get a girls name tated on me, id maybe put my kids tattoos don't hurt when you put em on to remove it is a lot worse, maybe 6-7 treatments to get it off. mine is for me nobody else, I'm also looking to get 2 more big tattoos

  • your butt

  • On your rib cage near your heart I'm getting my girls name tatooed on my pec

  • ha! a girl did that to me. bad idea but there are options if you break up. sweet jesus when you're married at least! er get it where youd like the next guy to see it when you're naked put it that way. I'm sorry I'm not more romantic but id say ... the belly which is a nice tender spot and make it small and cute and get it covered it if the worst happens. honestly tho I don't know you guys but I wouldn't recommend it.

  • How about on your forehead to remind yourself of how stupid that is. Nothing about you is permanent, everything changes. Your body, emotions, mental, personality. So why get something that is permanent that you have no clue what's going to happen tomorrow. Putting a tattoo of someone doesn't prove how much you love them, all it shows is how stupid you are.

    • Damn jarett I think ur pretty damn stupid yourself! I asked a questin I didn't ask you if it was stupid or not so how about you answer it or stfu?

    • Hey I'm not the stupid one who wants to tattoo some dudes name on myself and asking the whole world where to put it

  • If you break up it will be a permanent reminder...

  • what if things didn't go that well in the future because tattoos don't go away. think before you do it you might regret it later on.

  • Well if you are going to marry him, then I would suggest you to put his name tatoo in the place where celebrity David Beckham had put his wife's name on. His wife's name is Victoria. The place near the elbow just looks cool. Just google it on the internet.

  • nowhere

  • bad idea, if you break up his name will still be permanently tattooed on you

What Girls Said 27

  • no where, it's the dumbest idea. I don't care if you think you're destined to be together forever, because you've love each other, or if you're already happily married with children in a big with a golden retriever. getting a name tattooed on you is not smart.

  • Don't get it because if you guys break up its gonna be a constant reminder of him.

  • that's the worst idea in the history of mankind, getting your lover's name tattooed on yourself. you shouldn't do it. I pity your boyfriend who has your name on his arm.

    • Aww don't hate =)

      im sure there's a guy for you somewhere.

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    • Im sure no one will pity me and I agree with angel you didn't answer my questin you just came in here running ur mouth like a stupid ass bitch. I really do hope you get laid.

    • Well, people come here to give honest opinions. I gave mine. thanks, I hope I get laid too. :>

  • Names are tricky things... if you insist on getting his name on you, just be sure that every guy you date after him has the same name... otherwise you could run into a couple problems :)

  • I wouldn't get his full name - Maybe just initials. Who knows if it goes bad afterward? After all, you're only 19. I think it's best you wait to think it through a lot.

    But my favorite spot would be on the inside of your wrist (palm faced up) with his first and last name initials (:

  • I would really suggest absolutely no names, especially when he is only your boyfriend. Why not get something that symbolizes your relationship with him? Something that if things were to go wrong, you could remember the good times and smile and not regret it later? I got a tattoo on the back of my right shoulder to symbolize me and my husband and that he is my support with our wedding date. So later, IF something were to happen and we were to split, I won't regret it. Had I gotten his name, even while married, I'd always have his name tattooed on me no matter what.

  • Put it on you shoulder blade. I think it would really be awesome.

    btw: don't listen to those who said it's a bad idea. I think it's really cute. I thought of this too :))

    I will do this for my fyonce.(when I'll have one)

  • wow I personally don't think you should do it, but if you do it should be somewhere on your back so you can see it when you want to, but if something happens you don't have to look at it.

  • Do you realise that tattoo is permanent? I mean girls change their style, clothes, everything

    with the speed of light, but tattoo will be there for life, and name tattoos are the worst.

    Get a temporary tattoo and see if you like it but I wouldn't suggest a real one.

  • just below the neckline between the shoulders would be a nice spot.

    easy to hide and wouldn't get in the way of most things, I might get one there (:

    no idea of what, though :/

  • top of the back then wen you have babies it won't stretch

  • awww that's cute get it on ur back I would get it there

  • personally if you have thought of it long and hard and have been together for that long and are in a strong healthy relastionship then go for it! me and my boyfriend are thinking bout going in together cause he wants my name on his left pec right above his heart and I want his name just just not quit sure where I want it yet ...but best wishes for yall! :)

  • that is so tacky. don't get a name tattoo. yuck!

  • you could get yours on your wrist...x

  • since you're only young I would get it somewhere that can by easily covered by clothing because what if someday you want to get a top class job or something...i think a visible tat would be a detriment. also you're only 19, even though you guys have been together for quite a while anything could happen. I'd think very hard about this.

  • I think you should get the tattoo on your shoulder blade or on your wrist

  • ok so its been a long time for being together. and that's great. but on the small chance it won't last put it on your ancle and make is small. so that you can make it a different tattoo if it doesn't all work out =]

  • On your wrist. That's where I'd get my bf's name. I cannot believe all these people have come here and answered but haven't actually answered your question-like some random people on the interent are going to change your mind! Why did they even bother lol. I think it's really sweet you've been together since you was 11-i wish I was in that position.

  • Don't do it. Relationship aren't always permanent, but a tattoo is.

  • This is a terrible idea. You will regret it.

  • I definitely would not do that honey. In my opinion, it seems to jinx every couple that does this.. If you do eventually break up (not saying you will, but IF you do..) then you're left with the memory of his name forever on your body that you'll have to see every day of your life.

    Do you really want that?

    • Yeah

  • your wrist

  • big mistake

  • your arm

  • noooo. bad idea

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    • What?

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