How to make a guy whipped?

Guys if you had a long distance relationship with a girl-you think she's absolutely beautiful and amazing and would she get you hooked? Only over the phone? I mean is that possible..


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  • you expect men to tell you how to abuse a guy into being your slave?

    Ha ha ha!


  • Seriously? Maybe. It's possible because the girl may hold some sort of alluring mystery to her, which may get some guys hooked, depite what has been said. It's very different for some people.

    • Ok that helps more than the other people haha thanks

    • Sure.

  • I Am Easily whipped by girls. I'm sure a lot of other guys are too, as long as you make sure he knows who the boss is

  • long distance relationships are for fat people!

    • I'm definitely not fat haha we're both musicians we did our school together and he's out in Australia for 6 months

    • Well it won't work out

  • should try it with me...


    • Hahaha are you serious

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    • I'm asking for advice not a relationship

    • Ok....nvm

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  • I got a ex boyfriend who if you want to I can set something up for you he is kinda whippable but you gota tease alot. interested?

    • O and to answer your question yea it is possible to whip a guy ova the phone just the thing is you gota give them alota hope you are guna go make a special trip to come c them

    • Would you whip me?