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Do emotionally abusive guys treat all women the same? My ex has a new girl he seems to treat better, so he says.

I feel like a piece of crap. My ex used to call me names: stupid, whore, hood rat. I'm not any of these things. He called me "stupid" every time I... Show More

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  • Not unless he met his match and she abuses him more.

    • LOL! never thought of that.

  • im 100% sure you can find someone

    a thousand times better than him

    • I'm sure. I just want him to suffer, not just go to the next person and be happy.

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    • I know it doesn't sound nice but if you worry about trying to get back at him or w/e you won't worry about you. you just gotta keep doing what you do

      what goes around comes around... and I really didn't wanna say that but that's how it is

    • Yeah that's the truth

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