Do emotionally abusive guys treat all women the same? My ex has a new girl he seems to treat better, so he says.

I feel like a piece of crap. My ex used to call me names: stupid, whore, hood rat. I'm not any of these things. He called me "stupid" every time I asked him something. I broke up with HIM, but we remained "friends". Well, he fell in love with another chick just a few months after the break-up. They have been together for a few months and he already wants to marry her. He just used my friendship until he found her and then ignored me--didn't even tell me he had a girlfriend. He said that she didn't want him to talk to me but he talks to me anyways because he cares. He says I'm not a really good person, just a decent person...WTF? I never did anything to him but stand up for myself to him. So, evidently, his new relationship is perfect and she's perfect and everything is going great. I wonder if he treats her better than me Maybe she changed him. I just feel like a piece of crap. I don't think that he was ever in love with me. He just used me for affection and attention that I gave. Now... Show More