Guy I'm wild about calls me "my love", I don't know if he's available!

the story is that we've known each other for several years, but just casually working in the same artistic circle. I asked him out awhile back because I was picking up on some attraction from him - him touching my shoulder when I passed by, smiling shyly when we chatted, feeling general attraction when we were near each other.

i'm older, so I thought it would be fun to ask him out. turns out he had been dating someone, but he said he always thought I was awesome, he would love to hang out, implying as friends. turns out he flaked every time I tried to get together with him.

i moved away, & a year later after I asked him out, he gets in touch asking how I am, & how my love life is. when he learned I was going to be in town, he says he wants to get together & hang out, wants to see me. he never gets in touch - again! after learning I'm moving back to town, he says again he wants to hang out & asks for my number. keeps saying he's going to call, soon. in fact, now is the time he guestimated he would be avail to call me. all the while, he's graduated from calling me "dear" via e-mail, to "darling" & now he said "my love". I don't know whether he's still with that girlfriend or not, & now I'm not sure if he's suddenly going to own up & phone now that he's upgrading his terms of endearment.

confusion! I'm not waiting around, I'm super busy, but this tease is driving me crazy after years of attraction! thoughts? he called me "my love". what does this mean?

forgot to mention that he's also been saying I'm "beautiful" on several occasions. this has been by e-mail. again, we work in the same artistic circle, on projects, so it's driving me mad!