My boyfriend saw me peeing!!

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over a year and we love each other and yes have sex lol. Okay so he sleeps at me house every night I don't work and I was on my way home from driving around having a smoke with my friend and talking and I had to pee SO bad! Me and my boyfriend were texting and he said he'd be at my house around 11 well he is always late so as I ran in my house I looked at the time it was 1106 I ran to the bathroom and having to pee so bad I didn't shut the door next thing I know I look over and my boyfriend was standing in front of the door we both looked at each other in shock...yes he has heard me pee but never watched it ha ha we didn't say anything about it when I came out of the bathroom and still haven't. Does he think different of me? Was he disgusted? I'm mortified! We both are very private when it comes to those things.


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  • honestly I don't think it matters , like I was at a party the other day and when waiting in line to use the washroom heard this girl from work pee , now it all didn't bother me or did I really care at the time anyways . it all wasn't really that important I though at the time or change how I view her


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  • if he stayed there watching maybe he was fascinated or even a little turned on ;)

    i wouldn't stress it: it's a demonstration of intimacy; compared to what's involved in sex it's pretty mundane

  • It should mean nothing. Common in marriage.

  • He probably doesn't care one bit one way or the other. You're overreacting.

  • Just... break up with him if this is such a big deal. Or, you could grow a spine and understand that everybody pees.

  • I'll take a wild guess and venture that he'd already figured out that you have a urinary system. Chances are that he has one too, though you'd have to verify that for yourself...

    Don't worry about it. The shock of being seen is way bigger than the shock of seeing so I'm sure he's fine about it. If you've been dating for a while he's got lots of more intimate images of you than that too, so you don't have to worry about blown first impressions either.

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  • im sorry when I read this I died laughing..girl chill everyone pee's if you can have sex with him and see him naked and him see you naked..its okay to pee in front of him,if he thought it was gross or wack he wouldn't of stood there

  • Well, if you guys have sex with each other, how bad could peeing be? There are those guys that have those fantasies with golden showers ;) hahaha jks

  • get over it its not a big deal

  • Whats the problem your just peeing I've peed in fount of guys before that I hardly know its not something to be embarrassed about when you gotta go you gotta go.