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Has a boyfriend, but still texts me everyday.

I met this girl about a month back when she hooked up with a friend of mine, she tried to get him back to her place, but he didn't go. She then... Show More

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  • Everyone is saying she likes you. I honestly don't know but from my experience, I am very friendly with my guy friend and talk to him about my guy problems. I have no interest in him at all but he helps me through. We have become good friends and talk almost every night on aim and text each other randomly whenever. She maybe interested in you. I think the best bet is to ask her what her motives are. Say wouldn't your boyfriend get mad? I have done that to another guy friend (he has a gf) and he does not answer because it's obvious the girl will because I think that HE DOES like me. If you think her current boyfriend will be mad, it's because she does like you.

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  • I think she was waiting for you to make a move, ask her out and become something more than just friends, but since you hvnt she got back with her boyfriend.

    • There was only really 3 or so weeks that tehy were appart, and I didn't actually see her in person during this time. We were both at the same club, just never saw each other.

    • Oh well mb ask her if she would li go out yu sometime, like an outting and see what she says

  • Maybe she doesn't have any real interest in him? Or maybe she just doesn't know how to make her mind up about what she wants.

  • She obviosly has some sort of interest in you. But I think you'd better not get involved with the girl, unless all you want is sex. Her (and her "ex" boyfriend's) behaviour is not exactly normal. They seem to be playing games with you. And even if she is serious about it just think how hard would breaking up with her be, considering how clingy she is.

  • Because she sounds like the sort of girl who wants to have her cake and eat it. Tell her go on a diet and leave her well alone. You'll only end up getting hurt, and don't put your friend before a girl as its bound to cause trouble.

    • No I think you may have misunderstood. I'm quite happy to just stay as friends with her, because truthfully I kind of like that there's someone texting me every night after work. I mean is it that she has feelings for me, or am I jsut substituting for something that she's no longer getting from her boyfriend. And seeing as they have already broken up once before and he asked me to sleep with her and infact got my number for her, would it be so bad if something did happen between us?

    • Sorry mate, got me wires crossed! Probably not from what you're saying...Speaking from experience it probably wouldn't be so bad if you did hook up with this girl, I met my current boyfriend in a very similar situation and we've been dating for nearly 4 months now. So give it a go..obviously she likes you or else she wouldn't be texting you.

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