Has a boyfriend, but still texts me everyday.

I met this girl about a month back when she hooked up with a friend of mine, she tried to get him back to her place, but he didn't go. She then texted him the next day and asked me on Facebook why he wouldn't reply and why he wouldn't sleep with her. We talked on Facebook for a while and then her ex boyfriend texted me and asked for my number for her (he also asked me at the pub why I don't "Root her. Because she's pretty good") Seems they had broken up 2 weeks before hand and were still good friends and she asked for him to get my number because she was worried I wouldn't give it to her. Since then we have either texted or talked on Facebook pretty much every night and have seen each other at the pub on occasion, a bit awkward seeing as she and my friend aren't on speaking terms, and she's convinced me to go to the clubs to dance with her tomorrow night. The thing is, she got back with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. But she still texts me every night.

Why would she text me everyday if she has a boyfriend?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Everyone is saying she likes you. I honestly don't know but from my experience, I am very friendly with my guy friend and talk to him about my guy problems. I have no interest in him at all but he helps me through. We have become good friends and talk almost every night on aim and text each other randomly whenever.

    She maybe interested in you. I think the best bet is to ask her what her motives are. Say wouldn't your boyfriend get mad? I have done that to another guy friend (he has a gf) and he does not answer because it's obvious the girl will because I think that HE DOES like me. If you think her current boyfriend will be mad, it's because she does like you.