How do you say goodnight to your girlfriend/boyfriend?

My girlfriend (about a month and a bit now both 21) doesn't seem to take any interest in the way she says goodnight or the way she talks to me in general.

For example. We'll be texting back and forth and when she's ready to go to sleep she'll usually just say:

"Well I'm going to head to bed now. Goodnight! :)"


"I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now. I'll talk to you tomorrow!"

Than I'll usually respond with something nice/sweet or whatever, but she never seems to even try and be charming let alone even reply after that. Am I being totally weird about this? I feel like when a girl cares she would try and make the effort to make sure her boyfriend knows or at least say some something loving once and a while. Especially before going to sleep.

Ps. Since we have been dating she has been reluctant to flirt even a little bit. And she has not once complimented me. I don't get it. She's like a closed book

I'm pretty sure she likes me. She usually stays until early hours of the morning when we hang out. And apparently talks about me to her family a lot.

These mixed signals are just confusing..



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  • I wouldn't stress to much at the moment, as she sounds like she's being conversational in her closing. A bad sign would be when she's just, "Night" with no smiley face, no talking, or anything. I don't know about her, but maybe she feels uncomfortable getting all sentimental via text.

    I say try texting her that you're going to bed first. That'll throw the ball into her court. Try it once and see if she writes anything beyond, "Night ! :)" and if she doesn't, try again a second night and end with a compliment. "I'm drained, going to bed. But I can't wait until tomorrow when I can finally see you again" ro soemthing like that (obviously, don't be too cheesy, just stik to your situation). :) Then she'll probably respond likewise. If not, then maybe she just isn't too chatty.

    I'm sure she likes you if she c alls you her boyfriend and talks to her fam about you. :)


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  • I agree with what the guy said... you're reading way too much into it.. there's nothing wrong here, don't worry! I've slept through my bf's (at the time) texts so many times... we're just super tired when it's time to sleep, haha.

  • Thats how I said night to my Boyfriend and he'd send something cute and I'd look giggle and sleep. Until 4 months when it became 'I'm tired, night, love you'. My Boyfriend didn't even get :) or ! so you've got something.

    • So you didn't even use ":)" or "!" until 4 months into your relationship?

    • I only really use :) when he tells me to smile when I'm sad or ! when I'm laughing at something

  • I always say goodnight 😘 but I need something new that isn't cheesy or awkward any ideas?


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  • You are reading way to much into this. Maybe she is going to sleep because she wants to sleep not because she wants to think of sweet original love messages goodnight. If she says good things about you to her family regularly that is one of the best compliments and signs of interest she can give.

    Try being the first one to go to bed sometimes she will appreciate you more if you aren't always there. Going to bed when your tired instead of hanging out can actually build attraction if you don't do it to often same with hanging out with friends or perusing hobbies. girls are more attracted to men who know what they want to do with there time and include them in it than men who drop everything or delay things to spend a little extra time with her.

  • i just kiss her in cell like mmmmuuuuhhhhaaaaa... and say gudnyt