How do you say goodnight to your girlfriend/boyfriend?

My girlfriend (about a month and a bit now both 21) doesn't seem to take any interest in the way she says goodnight or the way she talks to me in... Show More

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  • I wouldn't stress to much at the moment, as she sounds like she's being conversational in her closing. A bad sign would be when she's just, "Night" with no smiley face, no talking, or anything. I don't know about her, but maybe she feels uncomfortable getting all sentimental via text.

    I say try texting her that you're going to bed first. That'll throw the ball into her court. Try it once and see if she writes anything beyond, "Night ! :)" and if she doesn't, try again a second night and end with a compliment. "I'm drained, going to bed. But I can't wait until tomorrow when I can finally see you again" ro soemthing like that (obviously, don't be too cheesy, just stik to your situation). :) Then she'll probably respond likewise. If not, then maybe she just isn't too chatty.

    I'm sure she likes you if she c alls you her boyfriend and talks to her fam about you. :)