How long does the average relationship last?

How many months or years does an average teenage relationship last for in high school?


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  • From the people I see for about 2 yrs but that's if the guys have benefits if not 3 or 4 months


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  • Um it really matters how you guys bond I dated a girl once and we bonded alright and that relationship lasted a few months and now I'm with a new girl and I bonded completely with her and we have been dating for 3 year's and we still have that bond


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  • I would say from my own experience. That an average teenage relationship(not the friends w/benefits kind) lasts about 3-6 months.

    Some will last 9-18 mos. But I think that most don't really get that far.

  • The longest relationship I've seen out of my immediate friends is about 9 months to a year. (:

    However, one couple I know. I don't think they'll end up breaking up until they absolutely need to for university, etc.

  • Teenage in high school?

    Mine vary!

    I've had some at the beginning of high school which have lasted a couple of weeks, which is really odd for me.

    But now, a lot of my relationships last around 4 months to a year.

    My longest relationship was almost 2 years = )

  • 1 year

  • i started going out with my boyfriend at the beggining of year 9 and now I'm in my second year of college

    nearly 5 years :)

    is this not normall lol?