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Any cute nicknames one can use to call a girl you like - which may make her smile etc.?

The question says it all! :)

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  • i love being called Pumpkin. but if a guy calls me Rachey or Rachel-kins instead of Rachel or Rei (Ray), it makes me smile because though it's not the most original nickname, it's still endearing.

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  • cutie, sweetie, pumpkin, sweetheart, baby, babe, etc..atleast those work when my boyfriend calls me those :) ..then again, I smile if he talks to me anyway :)

  • bunny, baby, cuddle bug, sweetie pea, honey, hon, pop tart, love bug, I don't know those are just ones I've heard or been called my names mykel so my boyfriend calles me mike or mikey sometimes but he usually callesme baby or love dont lay the nicknames on too thick you don't want her to think you forgot her name or you're hidding another girl or girls and you don't want to get their names mixed up

  • In all honesty, Don't use any of the names anyone on here has givin you! Over time you willl think of one out of no where that fits her! You might catch yourself some day just talking to her and slipping up calling her something that you will see put a smile on her face, and you'll stick with it! But just let the name come to you. Don't let anyone else advise you anything it won't be as sentimental to you! And good luck finding the perfect name! It'll comee to you, I promise.

    • Exactly! always found a name that we both adore a little while into the relationship

  • i like being called Jellybean!

  • My boyfriend calls me Lil' Biscuit and that always puts a smile on my face. But most likely some sort of play on her name would be the best bet.

  • darlin' and chickadee are my top two, haha

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