Young guys' attraction to much older women?

why? what attracts you? seems we would not be the physical norm for you.


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  • Basically, 99% of girls our age are still, well, girls. They are insecure, don't know what they want, and will play every manner of game imaginable with you.

    Older women tend to be more grounded, and know what they are looking for from men, and are very upfront about that. They make both expectations and boundaries abundantly clear. This is a huge turn-on for men.

    also, older women are just better in the sack. It usually takes a girl until their mid-20s(if not later) to figure out there is more to sex than you just laying there. Older women know what makes them, and their partner, feel good...and are not afraid to take charge.

    The combination of these two can be irresistible to the right guy in the right situation.

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      He pretty much hit the nail on the head.. every single point.. (no more, no less)

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      Yes, I didn't bother answering when I read this. he said it all.