Getting Beaten Up in Front of Girls


Have you ever lost a fair fist-fight in front of a bunch of girls? What about in front of your girlfriend? How did they react? Did you talk to them about it at all right after or later? Did you think they lost any respect for your because of it?


Have you ever seen your boyfriend or some guy you know get beaten up in front of you by another guy? Did it change the way you saw him? Did you try to console him? Did he let you? How did your girlfriends react?

I'm looking for feedback from both genders about this sort of very awkward situation.


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  • I've seen my boyfriend get jumped infront of me by my bestfriends boydfriend.

    a few days later he got the guy alone and beat the sh*t out of him though..

    It didn't change the way I saw him, because honestly, the whole situation and story behind what happened I would have done the same thing..

    I like knowing he is able to hold his own and stand up for himself, and me if anything bad were to ever happen with me.

    Also, some girls may completley freak out about her boyfriend getting in fights, I admire guys simply for the fact they can fight someone, win or lose, and usually that's it, drama over.

    With girls they drag it on forever.

    Anyways, after he got jumped I walked through the crowd of guys, picked my boyfriend off the ground and he leaned on me the whole time.

    good luck with whatevers going on with you, and seriously, don't worry about what all the girls think, they'll forget about it when something else happens anyways.

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      Who said anything about me? ;-)

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      Dude take consolence in the fact that you can think around a corner and look at yourself from the distance, also take some kickboxing or real fighting classes in order to boost your ego to a point where you don't care if you lost infront of a crowd

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      Not bad advice, but I'm already a great fighter. It's just that this guy was unbelievable. He may have been a pro boxer for all I know.

      The real cure for my ego was sitting down with my lady friends and talking to them about it. They were awesome. They reassured me about some things. They told me that they were proud of me for trying to diffuse it, for fighting bravely, and most importantly that they still feel safe when they're with me. The crowd won't bother me next time.