How to be more dominant in a relationship.

I was talking to my girlfriend and she said she likes a dominant guy. I myself am pretty dominant, I run my own life no one else. But I don't know what she meant. I asked how and she said in every aspect.

Obviously she is clearly telling me to be dominant, but how? This was said a week or so ago, and I have been trying to initiate the kisses. She now dodges to try to make me grab her and I do! I tend to make the plans to hang out, and lead in the conversations. But what else can I do to be the dominant one. What things can I do to be more assertive.

I asked if she had boundaries and she said no. Well I'm not going to do some things. I asked if she would tell me if I went too far, and she said yes. So I guess I'm open to all and broad suggestions that you can guys give me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • as a girl I know what she's talking about... she is probably and independant woman like I am always having to do for herself... so it feels good when the person you love tries to take over for a change... like me my boyfriend always says so where do you wanna go eat and ill say I don't know and we both end up being indecisive... so if she doesn't pick a place after you ask the first time then just pick somewhere she will comment if she absolutely doesn't want to go there and that's with any plans ... what do you want to do?... I don't know whaat do you want to do? then just make a decision... and as for going too far, if your a christian couple or have morals then DONT go too far... that will mess things up in the long run... so maybe when your making out if you are kissing her neck or something like that embrace her firmly around her back about around theupper rib line under her arms... she will appreciate it... it will make her feel wanted...and flirt with her more and when you do she will notice... and I think she is looking for a boundary line because she is looking for a new way to express ya'll's love...