Revive a long distance relationship?

how to spice things up again? after one year she is seeking other people for talking and started thinking we don't have that much in common (as we did a year ago?!) I'm tired of working on it alone and I'm nearly out of ideas, she is getting bored of routine... she was crazy about me in the past when I wasn't that much into her, now it's reversed! what to do?

give all genius ideas you can think of! or have tried before, and please give links and show me practically what to do, best idea that works on her will be voted as best answer!
ok more details, we planned everything and we were supposed to be meeting once every two months either me flying over to her country or vice versa, and we are supposed to unite in 3 years time after I finish my college, but still haven't met
haven't met yet because she is dodging around, I really don't understand, she says she wants to make sure I'm the right one for her first because she knows if we met she might fall for me, she was making me stay awake for whole night for talking but...
... but now she got a new job and moved to another city, now after she got new friends she spends most of time with them either drinking or hanging out or on phone, a guy next door that's interested in her, she tells me that guy is much better than I am!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hello ,

    I know that you posted this topic looking for advices to get her back , but trust me the best thing to do is move on , otherwise you'll get hurt more than you are right know , and when she'll tell you that she did this and that with another guy , trust me you're really gonna get hurt because you care for her , best thing to do is to move on , I assume you're a really nice person , keep in mind that girl don't like nice people , don't ever fall for a girl you've never met , and don't be the first to fall for a girl , you'll always end up getting hurt .

    The fact that she don't want to meet you and always avoid giving her address so you can join her , just don't try to think of another meaning of the thing , she doesn't want to , just get over it , it's really rude to tell you that she's meeting someone better than you , I wonder how you can go out with a girl like that .. , you should be the one to drop her off , just ignore her , turn the page , and she may notice that she misses something , if she ever comes back , don't go easy on her , be a man , hurt her like she did .