How long should you be dating before you ask her if she loves you?

How long should you be dating before you ask if "she really loves you"?


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  • Well first of all, you're not supposed to ask if she loves you. You're supposed to tell her you love her! And it's different with every relationship. Say it when you're sure.

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  • You shouldn't ask this kind of question. I think if you love her like really love her I think you would know when the right time is. You and yourself is the only person who can give you this question.

    But I would say 2 three 3 months or when you guys are like totally comfortable with each other.

  • Wait until the guy says he doesn't love you (after saying he did years ago when perhaps "prompted") then call him four years later and ask him if it was for sex or love and when he says it was for sex you admit for the first time that he is the only person you've ever loved in your life. That's what I did!

  • Saying I love you. Here is what I think after reading several answers.

    I didn't realize we were such a fairy tale culture. you know, everything shouldnt change just because of those three words, and yet they do. Now even not saying them is supposed to mean something. Maybe some people aren't so sentimental and believe the most important things should be felt never said. maybe saying it spoils them. Maybe they should be said in other ways, like in actions and in clues so that it is so endearing and important it's never trivialized.

  • Don't ask her if she loves you. wait for her to truly feel and then she'll tell you. You should tell her when you truly feel it, but don;t get to pushy with her. Let her take things at her own pace!

  • awwww. just tell her that you love her and if she at least cares about you then everything will be ok. and in time she will love you back I'm sure

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  • I don't think there is a time limit to start loving someone. It varies. And I don't think asking someone if they really love you is the way to go. You should be able to tell from their actions, or even better, you should hear it too. Just be patient and if everything is going well, you probably won't even have to ask anything.

  • If you have to ask it shows doubt on your part. I know with my situation it just blurted out and she said she loved me too. If you really love her just say it. If she say's thank you or OK you know not to bother. But make sure you mean it some women have been through this and heard it all before. Timing is everything.

  • You don't tell her you love her, wait for her to tell you she loves you, then tell her.

    • I guess guys see it different with most girls. Most girls are waiting for the guy to tell them that he loves her. well unless its the type of chick that's not that comfortable with it I guess but for the most part girls can't wait for a guy to tell her he loves her

    • I'll agree with tex. Be a man, usually if you show your really really emo side it is bad. The girl might as well date another girl for that.

    • You have tht wrong...b/c some girls will be waitin for you to say it first!!! I mean not every girl but it is not always her jump into tht first either...

  • Heh buddy :D

    There is no time limit for that.

    When the other person really loves the significant other. . . She/He will say it.

    Be patient.

  • Shouldn't ask, it should be told to you unless you have uncertainty as to what her intentions are. if you ask it comes across as needy and insecure, women hate that, they want a confident man, so act as if she's just GOTTA love you, of course, you expect it

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