Girl is engaged to a guy...but says she loves me

what do I do?


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  • Ask her

    1. why is she telling you that at this stage, i.e. what is her motivation?

    2. if her fiance tells another girl he loves her,

    a. if she is the other girl, what would her response be?

    b. what she would do if she knows about it?

    c. what she thinks her fiance should do in a situation like this?

    Listen carefully to her answers. They would tell you what kind of girl you are dealing with, and that knowledge would help you decide if she is the kind of girl you want.


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What Girls Said 2

  • seems like she just needs some drama before she gets hitched. Don't get messed up in her need for a little excitment

  • Well honestly..She's confused..alot of girls still have feelings for there ex's..The best thing to do in ur to get over it..if she's about to be wed..then there's really nothing you can do..Again she's just confused..Move on..Sorry


What Guys Said 2

  • Is it romantic love or is it friendly love?

    There's a huge difference about it

    • Romantic

    • Then if you feel the same it's simple, talk with her about it. Make your concerns about her current relationship clear and tell her that you won't go any further without her settling the things with her current partner.

    • Completely agreed on this train of thought.

      She'll have to make a choice. Stay with her fiancee, or head off with you. She can't have both.

  • walk away?