How to know when a guy wants to be exclusive?

So I've been seeing a guy for almost two weeks now. We've been on two dates, and he's going to come back here this coming up weekend. He made it no secret that he just likes to see where things go, which I'm fine with. Last night we were talking and he brought up the fact that I almost moved in with my ex (boyfriend at the time) after less than 3 months of dating. Which is true cause we were sorta long distance at the time. The guy I am currently seeing lives 3 hours from me. So he asked when I was going to move in with him. I could sense he was joking. I was like, well I'm not even your girlfriend yet, so.. Then he said something how he had to let all the other girls know before he changed his status. Then he was like, it could start a riot. Might need to involve the president, the cabinet, etc. And said it would be the biggest stimulus off the market. I'm like, what? Basically said he was referring to his penis, if he went off the market.

So I can't help but think he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend when I see him this weekend. What do you guys think? Was that his subtle way of hinting that he did want to become exclusive? I would think if he didn't, he wouldn't of said that and/or would had ignored the subject.