Why can't he just tell me to leave him alone if that's what he really wants?

Almost 2 years ago I met this guy through a friend. He and my friends boyfriend at the time were simply meant to take us to birmingham for clothes show live but we couldn't make it, therefore we all spent the day chillin together. He and I got on well but it wasn't like a set up, we ended up... Show More

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  • The best set of advice I can give you is the same thing I told someone else believe it or not you cannot expect to have a "REAL" relationship with someone that you gave the goods to the same night mainly why I say that is because once you give up your body to a man you skip everything that you were suppose to gain like trust love friendship which is suppose to come before any relationship sorry to say that this situation seems to be your fault although temptation can be very

    hard to resist I mean you just cannot want a relationsip with someone you have sex with the same night he probably figures he got what he wanted from you so it really doesn't matter I mean he is a jerk for not talkin to you but this seems to be a lesson learned get to know the person next time I mean if a man figures a woman is easy he feel like he doesn't have to put forth and effort or friendliness of any kind ya know be stronger next time and he doesn't want to talk to you just let it go

    it does not seem liek he thinks much of you anyway especially if he's ignoring you 9 times out of 10 he's seeing somebody else who is absorbing his time and possibly even laughing at you sorry it's just the truth some men are completely ass holes and they figure if you don't care they don't care.