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Why do guys love toes?

i have a lot of guy friends and I noticed that they re all suckers for a nice cute feet, with a clean shiny polish! They all go GA GA for... Show More

Well that's pretty odd, should I delete the question already haha
all my guy friends love toes! that's weird! but its nice to hear different opinions!

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  • I persoanlly love a women who has nice feet. I admit I have a foot fetish. I love when a girl gets her nails done, but a lot of girls don't really have that nice feet. Its very personal--but I always always pay attention to a woman's foot. Now this french nails polish I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do like when a girl gets her feet done. I once asked a girl out and we dated for a few months just cause I liked her feet. I was at a carnival and she had her sandals off and I commented on how lovely they were and I really thought they were and then she was flattered and I got her number. ITs kind of sexual too, I love sucking a girls toes who has beautiful toes during sex...but I am the exception not the rule, most guys don't find feet flatterying, but dirty...i don't know why? but yes take care of those feet and wear sandals or go barefoot whenever you possibly can guys will notice for sure.

    • Finally !! a guy actually admitts it! most guys here said they would go near it but I guess it is a fetish. I also notice guys feet, if they re clean id like him even more ( if we were like attracted to each other in the first place) but I wouldn't judge a guy by his foot cause guys tend to ignore those little things although it does matter to us gurls.on the other hand if a gurl has ugly feet or lets say not so clean ones, not so fresh nail polish while wearing sandals.thats a major YUCK!

    • Why do you ask about feet do you have a foot fetish for guys? Actually you gave me good advice on a ? I had weeks ago....I got a girl ? about this girl I like and maybe you can help me let me know..ok thanks..bye

    • Hahah no I don't have a fetish but I do notice if the guy's toes are nice or not.you can ask me anytime if you want

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  • Some of us have a fetish, others just appriciate every inch of the female body. For me, it's very sexy for a lady to have nice bright polish on her finger and toenails. And when she is comfortable having them out around me is such a turn on. It very well may be weird, but I have learned that you like what you like. So I'm fine with it. :)

  • You got some goofy friends. Most my friends, as the same with me, are no where near fans of feet...

  • gosh, I really love toes, I'm a 16 year old male in highschool; I love it when girls have pink toes , & its really sexy when they wear socks (clean) that you can see there toes through ! OMG! why I like them? I believe it is a fetish, but the hot part is , its not like a "Private Part" so I can look at them , feel them without really doing anything wrong. I do indeed go GA GA for toes though hahaha. I love a new clean PINK finish <3. if you ever want to turn a guy on you should prob, just wear flip flops, or put your feet on guys laps. (I love that !) thanks. & I know this Question is old. but yeah. I love them ! ((:

    • Hehehe and thanks for answering and sharing your fetish!! hehe

  • Oh definitely... I love spring time... and the return of sandals!For me, perhaps it is a submissive thing, kneeling before a woman, kissing her toes, caressing her feet in my hand, as she raises her foot slightly, guiding her toes past my lips, allowing me to gently suck on each one in turn...oh, sorry... got carried away...

    • Hahaha you sure did! lol

  • not a fan either...though if theyre well kept they can be attractive...i just wouldn't want to do anything to them...sexually...not my kind of thing

    • Delete the question?

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    • I know I tried to delete on eof my lame usual questions and I couldnt! lol

    • Yep

  • wellim not a sucker for feet.

  • A guy with a hard corps foot fetish is a rare thing. The odds are it's a combination of desiring to be submissive to a women that has pretty feet, and desiring to be dominated by women. The feet are the hardest working, overworked, and under appreciated part of a women's body. It is also the lowest part of her body. Hence, the submissive desires to grovel and worship at the feet of what he or sometimes she considers is their rightful place, you got it, at the feet of a Goddess.In many cases if her feet are dirty or wreak of odor, the submissive feels a need to clean them. Not just clean them, but clean them orally! In so doing the submissive feels useful and a sense of being used masochistically This combination results in an erotic arousal. My email is toejamslave4u@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

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  • I agree,for several reasons.I've known a lot guys who do love not just feet ,but maybe legs too.I'm bi,and do have to admit that the sight of an attractive woman walking by,in a nice skirt or dress,some hosiery on,like pantyhose or nylon stockings and a great pair of heels,will get my head turning every time.My current boyfriend does enjoy when I'm wearing nylons,and some type of open toed shoes.He says it's a real turn on for him.I won't get overly graphic right here,but he'll side my shoes off,and use my nylon covered feet on himself,for pleasure,if you get my drift.

    • Well I know that guys like legs and thank god its my best asset but I've noticed the weird love for toes and those guys on here are denying it or lets say disagreeing whihc is weird I MET ALOT OF GUYS WHO ADORE NICE TOES!!!

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