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Can a frat really ruin your boyfriend?

i fell in love with my boyfriend nearly two years ago. he just started attending a college about one hundred miles away. I can't drive so I can't go... Show More

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  • i know long distance is hard. I go to school 300 miles away from my boyfriend. I'm having the same problem with him joining a frat too. he honestly doesn't believe that he's changing. and quite honestly, I'm becoming really bitter about this whole situation. I totally understand when you say that the memories will haunt you. but you have to ask yourself if it's worth it. you don't deserve to be treated like that. that was such a cruel and sick joke. I know it's hard to hear, but maybe it's time to move on...show him what he's missing. because if he really loved you like he says he does, he would never EVER want to see you hurt. that's the problem with my boyfriend too... he doesn't understand that he's hurting me. Him hurting me is starting to make me feel so empty and cold though. I'm beginning to think it's time to move on too... which will be so hard for me because we made so many plans for our future. "forever"... maybe he's not the one. just surround yourself with friends and family... with people that love you! your heart will heal.

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  • It's definitely the frat. I promise you. Frats change every guy. I'm almost finished with my first semester in college and I had a friend join a frat at the beginning of the semester. I had been friends with this guy for 5 years. A very long time. We were always cool together and stuff but then in college he wanted to join a frat and I didn't. Personally, I knew a frat would be a bad idea, and one of these reasons is why. Frat guys always think they are so cool and great. They look down on everyone because they get to stay in a house together with a bunch of other guys. Yeah that's real cool. Hate to say it, but if he likes the frat, he is gonna be like this for quite a long time...

    • Ya he's nearly failing all of his classes. ha doesn't get any sleep. right now they're in solitary so I can't even text him or MySpace him while they're doing useless lessons on people who founded the cult. it's sickening to me. how could you like someone running your life? its a frikkin socialistic dictatorship.

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    • Thanks you seem like a pretty genuine guy yourself. and my whole family has told me I can do better but that better guy has not come along to show my boyfriend up so I don't really believe there is someone better out there that exists you know? lol I worry about this stuff and I'm so young. atm I'm gonna sit it out until I can talk to him again. and we'll see how it turns out.

    • Yeah I completely understand 100%. Wouldn't blame ya. Lol. Ok well best of luck to ya. Keep me posted. I'd like to help in any way possible

  • Its "stereotype us and we will show you what an arsehole really is" but ye it do sounds like its his fault. Being a frat bro myself, I can say I didn't change shit So I disagree from guy below. And your mom is sooo fucking wrong, even lindsay lohan feels right now.

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  • What an asshole! Pardon my French, but you need to end it with this creep ASAP, before you get too far in.

  • well a frat can college can change your guy unfortently. they get into drinking and not having parents around so going to college and have a boyfriend in college when your not there is extrmelly hard. my friend did that it was the hardest thing ever for her. but they got through it but still being in college or a frat can change your guy it doesn't just have to be a frat. But a frat can depending on the frat shape your guy up to he can become a better person too. I hope everything works out!

    • Me too. I can see it working out but he has to realize how childish he's acting and I think with the frat boosting his ego, he's not going to recognize his faults for a long time:(

    • Yea just becareful. he could very well change. which is sad but it could happen. how long hav eyou been to gether?

    • Two years on january 5. *sigh* it just makes me sad that we've come this far, yet we've sunken so low:(

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