Girls, ever gotten a love poem written just for you? Guys, ever written one for a girl?

Girls, ever gotten a love poem written just for you?

Guys, ever written one for a girl?

  • I'm a girl, never had a guy write me one but it would be awesome
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  • I'm a girl, poetry is cheesy
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  • I'm a guy, poetry is cheesy
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  • I'm a guy, I'd like to try it but I'm embarrassed
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  • I'm a guy, this works for me all the time
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I really wanted to pick A, but I had to be honest and pick B. I've never gotten a poem from a boy, and I imagine it would be nice, but it really depends on the person. If the guy I liked right now gave me a poem I would always think it sweet and nice, but he's not the type of person to write poems so I would laugh on the inside.

    To break it down: Some guys an pull of poetry and will melt my heart, some will be quirky and heartfelt and cute and I'll have a private playful giggle fit about it, and some I will just feel awkward. There is nothing more awkward than bad heartfelt poetry.

    I guess what I'm saying is, if your not a poet, don't be that person just to show you love me, you know? Just show you love me is the best way you can. (So I won't have a giggle fit)


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  • As long as it's a thoughtful poem, I wouldn't mind having a guy write me one. As in, as long as it's not something super cheesy where he comes up with metaphors about my body parts. LOL. I've heard enough funny poems like that to not interest me.

    But if he knows how to write, yeah. That would be nice.

  • It would depend on the person, the poem, how long I've known him, whether or not I'm dating him, and how long I've been dating him.

    If it's a (well, at this point, the) guy I've liked for a while, and the poem wasn't about his undying love, but just about how he felt about me, then I would be ecstatic. It would also be fine if I've been dating him for a long time and it WAS about undying love.

  • There is no option for "I'm a girl, and I HAVE had a guy right me a poem, and I liked it"?

  • yes. but none of them were from relationships, just guys that had crushes. suffice to say, they never worked. though that may have been more the fault of the writer than of the poem. lol

  • i haven't had a guy write a poem for me, but I've had a song written for me. it was really sweet. I would definitely recommend it!

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What Guys Said 8

  • I enjoy writing poems and prose for my woman, and I have done so since we were friends (not in a romantic way). I think it is a wonderful way to express that a woman is worth some time and energy aside to invest in something like poetry.

  • I wrote one for my first girl, because I didn't have the courage to approach her. It was funny as hell though, because I didn't put a name on it. She had every girl in the whole school trying to find out who wrote XD. The funny part was that I broke my wrist the day after I wrote it so she was looking for no one for 2 weeks lolz. However when I came back I saw her in the courtyard and she recognized me as one of the ones who wasn't there when she was asking. She took the paper and stuck it in my face and said "DID YOU WRITE THIS?!" in the most angry voice imaginable. I was scared out of my mind cause I thought I was gonna get lynched from the girls XD. So I said "yyyyyyyes..." and she said "Really?" and I said "...yes" and then she said "Why did you write it?" I said "Because I didn't think...I was worthy to be with you" and she kissed me. Turns out she had liked me all along and oddly enough didn't think she was good enough for me lol. (I'm sort of the nice and confident guy. Something I say very often "If I don't try then I might miss out so what the hell")


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  • unless you're already in a serious, committed relationship with her, a love poem will seem creepy and desperate.

    • I wasn't asking for my own benefit, atom--I've already done it. I know how it goes over. I just wanted other opinions. I've written two, both to the same girl. We have a close relationship.

  • here is one I wrote for my x


    open to comments :)

  • poems are sweet

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