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Is it wrong to not want to be in a relationship?

all my damn friends want me to get a man but I don't want to: 1 I don't want to be held down yet 2 I'm afraid of getting hurt 3 I'm afraid to fall... Show More

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  • It's not such a great idea to get into a relationship just because you think you should - then you don't like the person you're with. So really, there's nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship. But in regards to what you said...

    1 - fair enough if you want to be single. Just means that one day someone might come along and you might really want to be with only them, and then it won't feel like being 'held down,' you'll be there because you want to be.

    2 & 3 - that's pretty normal but also not the best way to think. True, relationships, whether they develop into love or not, can hurt like nothing else. But they can also be really amazing, and as the old cliche goes, better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all =] and hopefully if the right person does come along, you won't be afraid to be with them if it's what you both want.

What Guys Said 4

  • Hey what can I say I feel the same way. I'm not looking for a relationship anytime soon. I'm having too much fun being single

  • no...it means your just not ready for a solid committment to one person...its perfectly normal at your age.

  • Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it's better to not be in a relationship, rather than be in one that is unhealthy.

  • Nothing wrong. Be free and independent!

What Girls Said 10

  • nothing wrong with that. I don't want to get hurt either and I'm too busy

  • nope, I felt the same way when I was your age, then when I was 19 I found the love of my life with out looking for him.

  • NO ONE should tell you that you need to get a man. that's stuppid,

  • i don't thinh its bad but sometimes being single is lonely. you shouldnt be scared to try sumthang new. and if ur heart gets broken learn from it and its was a reason that person was worthless and didn't deserve to be in your life

  • no there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be in a relationship.. the same thing happened to me my friends were trying to get me to go out with these guys and I just wanted to be single and have fun not be tied down or caught up in something.. if they are your true friends they should respect if you say your not ready to have a relationship. don't worry it is perfectly normal to feel not ready there's no rush at all. you shouldn't rush into relationships because that never works out in the end. there is nothing wrong with feeling the way you do. just don't let your friends get the best of you stand your ground! :)

  • all I can tell you is that when you find the one you really love, and you falling in love with him you will mostly liking get hurt. I am in love with my ex boyfriend.. and trust me it hurts when things don't work out.

  • You'll find yourself in a relationship when you're ready. I'm not ready for one either. It's not good to be in a relationship just because everyone else seems to be doing it. Know what is it that you want first.

  • It's not wrong to feel this way. I'm afraid to fall in love again because I'm afraid I'll get my heart broken again.

    I believe it just takes time, one day you'll meet someone and what you feel for him will be so strong you won't be scared of getting hurt. As long as you are not interested in anyone, then trust me it's not worth being with someone just to be with someone. It'll get boring and annoying quick.

  • totally normal and acceptable behavior. someone will come along and change ur mind you don't have to give in to peer pressure =]

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