Why do guys run from a relationship that is going really good ?

Why do guys run from a relationship that is going really good?


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  • Men don't believe that things can be perfect. Don't believe me? Just watch how many guys will try to either fix up something perfect, e. G their car, but adding more gear to it to make it better.

    If we encounter the perfect women we start questioning where her flaws are. After all, all the media and our friends portray women a certain way, e. G. Nagging, jealous, controlling, etc. When we do not see those attributes we wonder even more if this is the real deal and then we take it to the higher tribune to seek an answer. Our friends.

    Our friends mean well but they'll tend to drive the issue even further home telling us "just wait, it will change. They are all the same, it just the honeymoon phase. " We then start to worry even more.

    While I've tried to add some humour to this, I think it captures the point. We can't believe that we can have it this good so we, and our friends, start to pollute our minds until we are scared to death and falter. Best remedy, if you find him worrying, talk to him. Or nag him so we fell we are in a normal relationship. :)