How to get my girlfriend interested in me again before I lose her?

So I have been dating this girl for 6 months and we have been inseparable; spend almost all of our time with each other and are very close and talking about our future together. Lately she has been kinda distant. I finally approached her about it and she says that she is kinda "bored" and that this... Show More

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  • Here is the thing that is the biggest problem: Premarital sex-----had you both not engaged in this----you wouldn't be worried about loosing her----you would be going about you day as usual, concerned for her needs and giving her the attention she desires, maintaining those boundaries that were there at first in the relationship. It is time to rebuild those boundaries, give her, her space and let her know you need your space as well.

    Here is a suggestion tell her you are going to start attending bible studies with some guy friends from church twice a week----and don't answer her incoming call there for the hour or two that you are there. Wait to call her back for about an hour or so and when you call her talk with her about the bible study and suggest you start going to bible studies together for couples---cause you are ready to take this relationship to a heavenly level. Now if she is for really in love with you, she will definitely be thrilled----and if not, your true love is still out there preparing herself to you!

    • Okay let me start by saying you're a fool. A typical bible bashing baffoon who goes about their day ramming their christianity and judgement down the throat of any person who is unfortunate enough to not get out of the way in time.

      The principal you're preaching is from an archaic and obtuse time of the church, with even the pope recently handing out condoms. Fact is young people are going to engage in premarital sex. This guy did not get on here asking for a bible basher to start criticising him for things that have taken place. He came on here asking for help and you thought you would capitalise on that, when the guy is clearly a little blue, upset and unsure where to turn. Typical. Let me guess you're a born again christian too? People like you really grind me and before you start getting all high and mighty on me, standing on your little soap box; im a practising catholic. If people want to know about the bible, they will ask or attend church on their own.