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How often does real love happen?

I deeply love this guy I dated for several years, but things change and I do not think that he's the one I want to marry. We truly love each other... Show More

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  • It's good to keep memories of the good things/times and it's also good to be able to look at things in terms of a as if it was printed in black and white or if it has color to it. Which kind of relates to what you're asking. In terms of black and white, that's like saying "he's the one you truly will ever love, with out him , the future is dark. . . " and the other way is like saying "I'll be able to fall in love with many things throughout life and his qualities where 'A, B, and C,' and I'm looking for 'X, Y, and Z,' now, and I got to find people with X, Y, and Z interests. . ." which sounds like where you're headed in your thinking. And to answer the question, I really have no idea, but the more we can look at things in different perspectives and and try to find those interests, the more opportunities we give ourselves to have that chance.

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