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When a guy defends you, it's at least safe to assume you're friends, right?

I met this guy a couple weeks ago, and we've become friends, pretty much. We exchanged numbers, play fight, all that. But, for a while he was giving... Show More

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  • A lot of guys I know would step in just because its wrong, whether they like the girl or not.

    • True.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah for sure. Someone would't defend another if they didn't care at least a little about them. That's one of my favorite things too ((: When a guy I know defends me. Except when they actually do punch someone, then you have a few other problems to deal with, ahahaa, trust me.

    • Haha, and why would that cause more problems?

    • Well the situation I'm referring to is when one of my friends got suspended from school for getting into a fight with this one guy, but the guy he punched was weeeak and a cry baby! hahah (:

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