Bitchy teens?

Why do most of the teen girls (14-18) act like total bitches, especially the virgins? I'm just angry, cause girls, who look good, are smart and nice are really rare these days.

[some of you got it wrong,what I meant was: most of the virgin girls act bitchy cause they want us to think they're not virgins (that's what I think) but my main question is, why do most teenage girls act bitchy? The virgin part is just an extra opinion of mine. sorry, my bad, it really is ambiguous ] I apologize if it was offensive. I respect women, I would never hurt them :) so please answer!


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  • Well [being one of those girls you're on about] I say it's because the girl is scared. Imagine a nice, quite, pretty girl. This guy comes over to her and says "You look really hot today!". But they don't say it nicely, it's sort of in a flirtatious, sexual way.

    How does she feel!? Scared s**tless! She's a virgin and she thinks this guy is a rapist or wants to have sex with her or something! Girls are only trying to protect themselves so by toughening up and seeming strong then guys tend to just get over it and leave them alone!

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      So your saying your trying to get guys away from you? Doesn't sound right.

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      No, she's tryin to WEED OUT the wrong guys that's all. If a genuine nice dude were to approach her, he will likely be in her good graces. Basically Girls have their defenses up an RADAR on full scan and track.