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Bitchy teens?

Why do most of the teen girls (14-18) act like total bitches, especially the virgins? I'm just angry, cause girls, who look good, are smart and nice... Show More

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  • Well [being one of those girls you're on about] I say it's because the girl is scared. Imagine a nice, quite, pretty girl. This guy comes over to her and says "You look really hot today!". But they don't say it nicely, it's sort of in a flirtatious, sexual way.

    How does she feel!? Scared s**tless! She's a virgin and she thinks this guy is a rapist or wants to have sex with her or something! Girls are only trying to protect themselves so by toughening up and seeming strong then guys tend to just get over it and leave them alone!

    • So your saying your trying to get guys away from you? Doesn't sound right.

    • No, she's tryin to WEED OUT the wrong guys that's all. If a genuine nice dude were to approach her, he will likely be in her good graces. Basically Girls have their defenses up an RADAR on full scan and track.

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  • You are angry because you feel you "deserve" something without truly applying yourself Everything good in life has a price, including romance. What are you offering these girls for whom you admire? Love or do you just want to get laid? A smart girl isn't going to allow herself to be used like a kleenex so you can get your own rocks off. It could be your approach, which, judging by what you are saying, you are approaching in a way that shows you are only interested in one thing...

  • cuz we aree in highh school !

    but some girls aren't reallyy bitchess

    they just like to joke aroundd ;D

  • Um, being a virgin doesn't have anything to do with it. But being a teenager definitely does. They grow out of it. In the mean time, why don't you look for girls who are nice and smart and drop the "look good"?

  • I dunnooo, girls are a mean bunch of people, well some can be. A lot of their big mouths and back chatting comes from jealousy and envy I guess *shruggs*

  • I think I would consider myself in the smart and nice category, without the bitchy part. I wish a decent guy would come along, but one hasn't. I don't know sometimes we're bitchy because we might be having a bad day or friend problems or whatever. But if you're talking about the sluts I have no idea why. I never really get those girls.

  • You can't expect a virgin specially at the age of 14 to open up right at that moment because they are basically unaware of what it's like at the time how to interact, but the ones who look good and are smart it's not the fact they are rare. Some have brains and are not easy.

  • If girls are really bitchy towards you, you either pissed them off or they just don't want to be around you. Or they could be on "that week of the month".

  • mmm. maybe because they just feel great about themselves, like they're the most sexiest, prettiest or whatever. Or maybe, they just think guys, would like it if they act that way=).

    I'm a virgin but without the bitchy part. lol=P

  • Well... when I was 14 I thought I owned the world and I was better than everyone else. Their reasons may be different. They will grow out of it and reality will hit them in the face and most of the bitchyness will go away. lol just give it time.

  • Being a virgin doesn't matter! And you probably piss the girls off and they show you the attitude so... yeh

    They are smart you just need to go out of your way and really see the girl for who she is!

  • I don't know. It's annoying.

What Guys Said 4

  • I'd like to tell ya that it gets better but it does not. Young or old, virgin or nympho, some girls will be bitchy and sometimes it takes awhile to see the nasty side of a girl. If you ever want to test it out, disagree with her on something she cares about or change plans at the last minute (or something equally as irritating.) The claws will come out if there are any. Don't settle for the attitude just because she's hot or puts out. Find a girl that you can really get along with or stay single. Not worth the headaches.

  • With every minute passing by, more virgins are losing it and more and more of the smart, nice, good looking girls are taken by some guys who has their shit together. Don't be angry, if they don't care about you, don't give you as much attention as you would do to them, it is their loss, not yours. Stop whining and pursue the right ones. And yeah, you never know which one is the right at first, but if you feel like how you did when you post this message, than it means she is NOT the right one so keep moving on to the next one until you don't come back to this site ever again ;) Good Luck..

  • Girls live off drama, also because they thing they are too good for the world. Or PMSing.

  • High school drama I suppose. I've never really had much of an issue with it. Accept there's this one girl in my English class, she just seems to outright dislike me, No clue why.

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