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What Does Boobu mean?

This guy keeps calling me Boobu and texting me "hi boobu" all the time what does it mean?

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  • It means "baby" its sort of, anyways it means he's comfortable haha if you don't mind, than don't worry about it

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  • Maybe he thinks you look like a Yogi's little buddy? "HEEEEEEEEEEEY BOO BOO! DO YOU SEE THAT PICK-N-NICK BASKET? "

What Girls Said 3

  • Its a pet name. He obviously thinks about you then:) As either a good friend or possibly likes you as something more.

  • Its a good thing, like a pet name he has for you, its affectionate I think and cute, its a lot better than bitch, so I would not worry!

  • It means, "My baby" or "My Girl, or my homegirl. Its just a cute name people use with someone they like or with. Its boo boo or boo

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