Is my boyfriend losing interest?

He says he Loves me and everything, but he doesn't tell me those sweet words he used to say to me when we first started liking each other. I would text him stuff like, "baby I miss you" or "Im glad we're together" and his responses suck! He says stuff like " yea me 2" It drives me nuts! It's like he's losing interest in me. I mean,I don't know. I'm very sensitive and I love him so much! He doesn't even call me "BABY" anymore. He says it's not me, it's him. What does that mean?


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  • I'm a guy and I've been on the other side of this, so I will try to tell you what my side of the story looks like. not that it is definitely what is happening in your situation, but because my situation matches up to your boyfriends pretty spot on.

    I love my girlfriend with all of my heart, and we have already talked about getting married after 2 years, so I was not losing interest when I stopped texting our little "special lingo". What happened in my mind was that I was so comfortable with the way things were that I slacked off a little on the cute talk texting. It requires a lot of time and fidgeting trying to think of something cute to say in EVERY situation. As our relationship progressed, I became lax out of comfort (which is not good on my part at all, because your partner deserves those little "going out of your way" moments as do you from them.) but I was definitely not losing interest in "us". I also think that as a relationship gets further along, both you and your partner will need less of the cute talk texting. because you'll have deeper and more meaningful moments to live for.

    I think you may be surprised how many guys are really in this same boat.


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  • Yeah, there's a point, where romantic love fades and a more civilized, true love comes out, and he might be to that point, whereas you aren't yet. Give it time. Fall in love with this new him.

    • Im trying to but it's driving me insane. He doesn't talk to me about stuff when I know there's something on his mind. We're working through it though. I CANNOT lose him! I'm giving it time. Thanks a bunch!

  • wow I don't know how to answer this because I'm going through the same thing with my girlfriend.she jus doesn't say or do the things she used 2.she doesn't act the way she used 2and we've only been dating 3months


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  • Yes, he is probably loosing interest. Instead of spending energy wondering why, or how, or feeling guilty, or feeling angry, spend energy doing something new together. Go on a trip, play a sport together, make him remember that you are the sexy woman that could have any man she wants, but you choose him.

    A lot of men loose interest once the excitement of the chase is over. The only joy in possessing something is in feeling like in possessing, you are made better off. Be someone worth possessing.

  • How long have you been together. At certain points, I think people start to lose the lovey dovey stuff and just start to be more comfortable around each other. People start being more themselves and less googly-eyed.

    Now if this is a huge problem for you, and these are things you want him to do, then you should tell him. Tell him that this is what will make you happy and see if he is willing to meet you halfway in the matter. If he is not willing to even consider then he could, in fact, be losing interest. Good luck.

    • Yea I Think that's what it is. I hope that's what it is! Thank you Love. It helped a lot.

  • Girl, honestly try to calm down you know, ask your self how long have you two been dating if you guys been dating for about couple years or a year or so than it's okay he doesn't have to call you that all the time but than again talk to him about it does he even know he's doing this and ask your self is he worth all the time and love your giving to your man.

  • How long have you dated. I been with my guy for 5 years he isn't as sweet as he used to be he still calls me babe or sweetie and tells me he loves me. Does your guy tell you he loves you still. Maybe he comfortable with you and he feels he doesn't have to say that he misses you talk to him

    • Ive known him for 3 years but we've only been dating for 5 months. I'm glad to hear what you told me. It gives me a sense of comfort. I'm on the phone with him as I type and he's not even saying anything to me. I'm about to talk to him about it now. Thank you