Is she using me?

I have a friend of mine who I've known on and off throughout several years. In the past year or so we can become much closer as friends, yet along with this came what seemed like an added level of attraction. I pursued her for a wee bit and then stopped after she didn't return my advances, I am... Show More

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  • Ahhh. Psych majors. What a journey they are.

    Well, it sounds like you were used during your first winter break, but I don't know what to predict for the future based on her previous actions.

    It would seem that she was just into you, but the fact that she had a boyfriend just throws everything to hell, add to the fact that she ASKED you to keep it discreet, and you got played. She needed a little bit of indulgence, and it seems you gladly provided. You gave what she wanted, and now she tossed you aside.

    In the future, of course watch out for her player ways, but do you want to start something with her, watch out. It seems like she liked you, but has kind of lost interest.

    You got played, yes. Whether or not it happens again is up to you. Make sure that if anything further happens, before you fall in love with her, that her intentions are true. Anything that she solicits from you will be playing, anything you hunt her for may be legit.

    • Haha, well I wasn't in love with her, liked her considerably and known her for years, yes. Love, not even close. Thanks for the advice though.