How do I get over the guy that took my virginity

i am 15 years old and about 2 months ago I was dating the man of my dreams I though we were together 24/7 and we always had fun together, one night we were watching a movie in my livingroom and we started kissing and things got a little intense so we went to my room, there we had sex... he told me that night that he loved me and never wanted to lose me, well I believed him when he said that.. we had sex a cupple of other times until I herd he was cheating on me.. I called him and started asking him questions then I told him I think we should just be friiends he said fine and I did this. I would have never broken up with him if I new how much pain I would be in. I still think bout him everyday even tho I am dating again and the bad part is I'm dating his older brother. they don't really know each other they have diffrent moms but everything I do I think about my ex. and I catch myself wondering on to his Facebook and seeing what girl he's talking to. I am going crazy with out him but I no he doesn't feel the same way he once did about me. I don't know what to do anymore please help me I need to get over him or I'm going to go crazy!. I love him so much but I no I can't anymore. what do I do?


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  • Honestly, it may take a while, but you have to learn to get over him. He isn't worth thinking about or crying over. He is just a guy who wants sex because he's a typical guy, remind yourself that HE had CHEATED on YOU; it wasn't like you randomly broke up with him for no odd reason, your reason was legit and firm, which is the fact that he was doing something behind your back with out your knowledge. In fact , if he didn't try to explain himself when you called him up to talk about what you heard, then he is just a waste. Becareful, and don't fall for guys who can play you like a easy game, you just have to learn from your mistakes. Acknowlege that you had the power to break up with him, instead of waiting and not wanting to lose him. If the lurking on facebook of him is very often then I guess I would highly reccomend you to delete him, honestly it would be so much more easy for you, you won't be able to see what he's doing and over time you'll learn to get over him, also delete the text messages you saved of you guys talking, delete him off msn, or any other communicational ways, just let him go and forget about him.


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  • Beats me. I know the feeling, and am still feeling that way even after 10 years.

  • You can't. He took something from you that you will never get back. Learn to live with it.


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  • if you really want to forget about him:

    - delete him off your Facebook.

    - delete his number off your phone.

    - don't try contacting him, even if he tries contacting you.

    - imo, stop dating his brother... all that's going to do is remind you off ur ex.

    if he cheated on you then he didn't really love you right? so just keep reminding yourself that he wasn't worth it to begin with. gl

  • Look I'm going through quite a similar thing at the moment. I recently had sex with a guy, we weren't going out or anything but he said things to me that I wanted to hear, which is sort of what guys do to get you in bed. He said he 'liked me' and that he wanted to remain 'friends with benefits' with me and all that, only now he doesn't even speak to me. He spoke to me about a week or two after we did it but shit happened and now he doesn't. Yes it hurts a lot, but these guys aren't worth thinking about or being upset over, you just have to face the fact that all they want is sex and they're worth nothing. Just try not to think about it.

  • While does your profile say 18-24 when you say ur 15? But I don't think that you can ever get over the person you lost your virginity to because he was ur first. The only way to get over a guy is through time but if things are meant to be then you guys will eventually be together in the end. Sex is emotional for women and I know that you must feel hurt. Why focus on someone who cheated on u? Love ain't suppose to hurt.