If I try leave or say anything she threatens to kill herself.

I have been seeing this girl for two years now,she moved in with me 8 months ago, we do everything people in a relationship would, she doesn't work, I pay for all her needs, she is in love with another guy who picks her up every so often at 12:00 at night. Takes her to a hotel and brings her back, he never buys her anything or never sees her during the day, she doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, and she wants things with this other guy to work out, this other guy is clearly using her, She has dated other guys in between as well to try move on ,when we go out she sometimes goes home with other guys even if I beg her not to,she tells me that I mustn't tell her what to do. I'm not her boyfriend, But never me, if I try leave or say anything she threatens to kill herself, and she tells me if I move on that she will kill me, cause she loves me so much,I feel so helpless and confused, I still love her a lot and I don't want her to get hurt, I just wish I knew what to do, Please any advise will help thanks


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    I agree with all other answers ..

    obviously she has BPD, I knew few girls who have the same problem who actually are exactllly like your gf. one of them was my ex best friend, she turned my life into hell.

    she needs help big time, this is what you need to do.

    - tell her that she needs to stop sleeping around with other guys or you won't take her back.

    - obviously she will say you re not my boyfriend and am gunna do whatever I want so then you tell her that you don't want to be a part of this crap anymore.

    - tell her to get her things out by tomorrow and leave the apartment asap.

    - inform her best friend to come help her with the moving.

    - call a friend or someone you trust to watch her leave and witness all the above.

    - if she doesn't go and says she is going to kill herself. call the cops on her or better yet call the doctors so she could get treated and institutionalized.

    - change the locks, pack her stuff and send them to her family, friend or whoever.

    - don't trust anyone from her circle of family or friends. even if it was a common friend.

    - get a dog.

    - burn the photos or anything that reminds you of her and ask people not to ask about her.

    - move on and wait for a while untill you start dating again... when its time,. find yourself a decent girl and don't let her move in with you.

    P.S I would highly recommand recording this scenario! just incase

    • I know, bothh of you are literally describing my friend, although I had no idea that sleeping around was one of symptoms, I thought just the manipulative and up and down thingy!

      Thats weird, I would highly suggest getting both institutionlized, I always say that about my ex friend because her case was severe and she was my friend for 5 years untill I just couldn't do it anymore! too much lying as well and drama as well.

    • The BPD causes her to be manipulative, sleep with random guys, and the outbursts (among MANY other things). My ex would threaten suicide if I left or hung up on her, threatened to do stuff to me, was sleeping with like 5 guys during the same time period, had random mood changes (up, down, up, down, down some more). I've been a victim of all of it and more so I know that the only way to end this is to have her committed to a psych ward and get the help she needs because she NEEDS help.

  • can you turn to her family?

  • Admit her to a psych ward at your local hospital and get a restraining order. Don't mean to sound like a bitch but if she's serious a bout killing herself then she obviously has issues that you cannot help her with. And if she's saying she'll kill you -- then take necessary precautions.

    You can also call lifetime movie networks and get a movie deal. Kidding. I'm sorry. But really, I know people who've been in relationships like these and nobody has ever killed themselves.

    You don't deserve this sh*t in your life.

  • I would def. move on. She needs some serious help.

  • First of all, she is totally manipulating you. However, you are right about not wanting her to get hurt. She is threatening to kill herself, which should never be taken lightly. I would suggest talking to her family and friends. Make them aware that you would like to break it off with her, and tell them she may be suicidal. If you break up with her and she does kill herself, I promise you that it is not your fault. At all. Whether or not she commits suicide is her choice and her choice only. Just let her family and friends know, so they can keep an eye on her.

    My cousin was in this situation. At least, she was in a similar situation. She is bipolar, and so she tends to get very depressed. When one of her boyfriends (whom she was OBSESSED with) was going to break up with her, he decided to tell her family first. They were able to keep an eye on her until she was okay. Today, she is happily married and soon to be an aunt!

    When she says she will kill you if you leave her, that is not love. She is obsessed with you. If you ever notice her stalking you or if she ever makes any threats, call the police. Obsessed people to messed up things. So be aware.

    I hope you figure this all out! This must be so hard for you, I hope my answer helped.

  • Ok So tell us what happened please! are you still with this girl? hope for your sake you're not after the overwhelming encouragement to leave!

  • ok for one, you can see that the other guy is using her, but you can't see that she is using you? I hate to be so mean & honest but honey, she doesn't love you. she only says she will kill herself so you will still be there to continue to take care of her. don't let that bitch take advantage of you like that. just cut her off. she is doing you wrong, she makes me want to woop her ass & I don't even know her. don't let her play with your heart like that.

  • She is 100% taking advantage of you. She is responsible for her actions, not you, and she is using you. It's awful she does not work and she sees other guys. OMG, tell her you wish her the best but you have to move on with your life. Good luck!

  • Usually the people that say they are going to kill them self..They wont..Your not responsible for her actions...I would just pack up and leave and don't turn back..That 's what I would do...

  • Because, you have stuck around so long and, haven't actually stood up to her [or so it sounds]. She obviously thinks she can get away with using you because, you actually fall for her 'quilting' you into all this.

    I'd start distancing myself from her if I were you, Unless you're fine with being used.

  • wow...sounds like a crazy girl you have on your hands. call the cops, have her assisted out of your home, and put a restraining order on her. that way, she can't kill you if she really means it. and her telling you she is gonna kill herself if you leave her is a bunch of BS...she is only telling you that so you will let her live with you. get rid of that girl fast...nothing but trouble.

  • i think she needs to wake up and quit being a sponge.

    you're hurt. he's letting the other guy use her. she needs to wake up.

  • she playing games with you. its a power trip. just make her leave, when she out with that guy change the locks lol

  • OMG get rid of her I don't know ou but I know that no one deserves to be treated that way she doesnt' deserve you and with the threatening to kill herself ignore it I have been there with a guy that I was dating and it is all about the attention and manipulation trust me jsut try it next time she wants something tell her no and keep telling her no make up excuses if you have to eventually she will stop asking and realize things aren't the same and why she will second guess herself good luck.

    • I agree I know it hurts to loose someone you love I'm dealign with it right now but, if that perosn doesn't love you back it doesn't matter what you do. My friend tellme to trust in God and he will send me the right one that is for me.

  • WHOA! You don't want her to get hurt? Dude you're the one hurting not her...She's going to hurt you emotionally and physically. She's an attention whore...She isn't going to kill you! She just likes the attention and apparently your money. Kick her ass to the curb and fast. She's just using you. How is that fair to you? It definitely is not! He is using her and she is using her. I know you still love her but is she worth all this pain? I think not! She's not going to kill herself. 1) She wouldn't tell you that she was going to kill herself if she was really going too 2) By saying this she is getting exactly what she wants you and all the other guys. What exactly are you getting?

  • Okay she's using you as a clutch and she is crazy and she has issues. You don't have to do anything but kick her out of your house get a restraining order on her. You don't deserve to be stressed out or worried if someone is going to do something to you. You deserve better period and another thing learn form this and make sure you see how you attracted her so that you don't repeat this in your life or met another person with this kind of problem.

  • Ok, seriously? My apologies right now because this may sound a bit mean but, SERIOUSLY?

    Ok first off, I don't think a man should ever have to completely financially support his woman, EVER! (well, except when she's pregnant and can't work but that is the ONLY exception). So I don't see why in the world you would agree and subject yourself to this under any circumstance. And she's NOT EVEN YOUR WOMAN. I understand you say you love her but, honey, she's using you and any woman that takes advantage of a man being in love with her is worth nothing. Point, blank, end of story. She does not love you no matter what she saids so get your head out of the gutter and kick her ass out. That, sweetie, is not love and it never will be.You don't take advantage of the person you love and that is exactly what she is doing to you and you shouldn't have to stand for it. You are not tied to her in any way so there is nothing holding you back. You sound like a great guy and you're just wasting your time with this girl. Go out and find yourself someone that will appreciate you and not take advantage of you. Have self dignity and man up, put your foot down. Get her out of your house. She has no reason to be there. You're not her father and even if you were, she's a grown ass woman; she's capable of taking care of herself. She's a free-loader, erase her out of your life or you're just going to end up being miserable and for no good reason. Love is blind so I can't blame you for feeling what you feel. But you should be able to put that aside and realize that there is no future between the two of you. She's not in love with you; she told you she loves that other guy. Snap out of it. By taking her out the equation, time will help you forget her and you'll find someone who is worth it and who will appreciate you for who you are.

    And second, don't worry about her killing herself - she's not going to, trust me. She is just using that as an excuse to further tie you to her. And even if she does kill herself (which I strongly doubt), its not your problem. You've done enough for her. You gave her a place to stay, you've paid for all her expenses, you've been a caring friend to her, and all for what?

    So basically, leave her. Whatever happens to her should be none of your worries. And use this experience in the future. Avoid girls who are absolutely ok with you completely supporting them. They are no good and will only suck you dry. She's a gold-digger and a free-loader and you have no room for her in your life. You're a great guy, good intentions and a strong head on your shoulders. Work up the nerve and completely delete her from your life. You'll find someone better, way better. But you'll never find her if you continue wasting your time with this one pathetic excuse for a woman

    I hope you take my advice, Best Wishes <3


  • I'm sry to tell you this but it sounds like this girl is just using you because you take care of her. If she loved you so much then she wouldn't be leaving with other guys in the middle of the night or after going out. Who does that to the person they are suppose to love? You need to just leave her and break up and if you really think that she will kill herself or you get help first, no joke its better to be safe then sorry get help and then leave, I think you would be better off.

  • Dude! Get out now! She needs professional help! Make her leave and inform a suicide hotline. Or if you want to continue being treated as a door mat meal ticket then stay with her. She is bad news and you are enabling her. That's right, you are ENABLING her. She will never learn how to take care of herself if you are always doing it. There are women out there that are willing to truly love you and treat you the right way.

  • How can you love someone who so obviously abuses you and shows no concern whatsoever for you? You are in a sick situation, and you need to move apart from her. She probably will take some pills or cut herself just to "show you" she was serious. Let her be serious. This is a bad situation. Even if she does kill herself, its not your fault. How could you possible take responsiblity for a suicide? Furthermore you yourself are a bad influence on her. You enable her hurtful lifestyle. She needs to get a job and go to work. Earning some money, and succeeding in something will help her self esteem. And the only reason she is letting herself be used by that evening pick-up guy is because her self-esteem is zero. She is abusing you by keeping you trapped in a hurtulf relationship with threats of suicide. She has to learn she can't treat people that way. The only reason I can think of that you 're still living with her and handing her your paycheck is that your own self esteem must be zero. I know, by the very fact that you're a livinig soul, that you deserve better than this abuse (even from someone you "love"). You are worth more than this. You need to discover your self worth. The best way I know to establish self-worth is through the Christian teaching that you are made in God's image, and when God values you your value is HUGE. If you're not religous than I guess get some coucelling, or read a self-help book. You need to also evaluate your true feelings. Do you really "love" someone who can abuse you so heartlessly? Or are you infatuated. Or you simply so afraid of being alone, and so sure that you won't be able to find someone besides her that you convince yourself that you want her? I can tell you this, if you break from her you'll have energy, money, and time to devote to meeting another girl. Hopefully one who will love you through her actions.

  • She is using your generosity. I really don't think she will kill herself. It is something people say when they don't know how to deal with things, but hardly ever do they mean it. The best thing to do is stop taking care of her if there is never a chance with her. I mean, she knows she's hurting you by going off with another guy. What kind of girl that cares about you would do that? She's taking complete advantage of you.

    The best thing I would suggest to do is leave her. Contact the police and tell them that she's threatened to kill you and herself. They will check on her, probably scare the sh!t out of her, and set her straight... but you can't be her pawn for the rest of your life.

    She's not worth all the trouble and money. And she won't kill herself. Saying that is her last resort to keeping you around to support her. Sometimes, people are just crazy. And it sounds like you are a really nice, caring guy... so you deserve to find somebody who is going to appreciate that and return the favor.

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  • Drop her twat-ass to the curb. It's one thing if she doesn't have a job or anything but if she's f***ing other guys she'll reap what she sows

  • Kick the bi*ch out, you're too good for her.

    She wants attention, she can go and try kill herself.

    Her life is of no value if she'd throw it away just like that, you need to man the f*ck up and tell her to do it already.

  • yo my brother I would get out of that as soon as possible. the same thing to my buddie , I watched him get hurt in the end. that girl left my freind for an other man. so leave her man trust me

  • Hoestly, find a therapist for her, talk to a medical proffesional about the situtation, they will more than likely be able to help, at the very least they will give her mental stability a better chance.

  • Hell, she using you. And if she tries to kill you, you know what to do (fck her world up)- if she claims she gna kill herself, tell her that you'll be at the funeral. You gotsta get this joker outta yer life

  • record when she says she will kill you send it to the cops,

    then leave her, you are only going to be used even more.. p*ss her offf, she is rubbish

  • This is girl is a psycho/├╝ber bitch. Like the other ladies said she is totally taking advantage of you and has no respect for you at all. She's what most people would call a parasite. I know it might be hard man but you have to show this bitch what's up and kick her out of your house and out of your life. Yeah you're gonna be hurt and she's literally going to be begging for you to come back to her, but in the long run your money can be spent many other useful things in life. She's not gonna kill herself she's just saying that cause she knows you're a nice guy and she knows you don't want her to get hurt. I think what you should also do is go out and meet another woman who truly cares about you and who won't take advantage of you. In fact I think almost any girl will have a better heart than her. Good luck man and take this bitch's vice grip off your balls and kick her on to the streets.

  • Ok my friend, here's my answer:

    Since you are a man, let us analyze this as the logical human beings that we are..

    - She says she loves you

    - She has sex with another guy

    - She want to be with the other guy, but not with you

    - She brings her defenses up every time you try and talk her out of it

    - She threatens to kill herself when you try to leave

    So, here's all this analyzed pretty accurately:

    She does not love you. She is using you as a safety balnket and I will explain to you why.

    This other guy that is getting the best out of her, is what men call a PLAYER. He knows female psychology so well, he knows exactly what makes her tick. This girl has a lot of self-esteem issues and want the best of both worlds, because one guy gives her sexual pleasure and another looks after her (women basically need both of those things, SEX and SAFETY).

    OBVIOUSLY, you cannot talk with her about it in a negative way, because women do not respond well to logic my friend. That's us males.

    Anything you say or do, she will interpret as you being selfish and egotistical. The reason she thinks like this is because, she is the manipulative, selfish and egotistical low self-esteem person in the picture. But, women are very good at manipulating and getting what they want, especically when a guy likes them. They use sex as a weapon and their body too.

    Think of it this way, if she really wants to be with the other guy. As soon as you leave, guess what...SHES GONNA BE WITH THE OTHER GUY. she's not gonna commit suicide or attempt to hurt herself, because that's only a cry for attention. Women love attention, and love to seek approval, well at least the low self-esteem women.

    The only way you can look at this, is the healthy way.

    The healthy way is to think of yourself and ur needs FIRST.

    If she is too much for you to handle, then move out, go away.

    She is fine, and will learn for herself that she is making a mistake.

    This other man will eventually get bored of her and dump her, so he can get other women.

    Do not try to logically persuade her, she will not respond.

    The only way you can turn this around, is a dangerous and possibly destructive way.

    Which is, you become a man and get what you want, which is her. You show her you are a TRUE MAN, and sleep with her. This is only destructive because it may backfire, and she may start sleeping with both of u, and it may destroy u, because you don't seem the type of guy who can ignore that fact, mainly because you probably don't have enough confidence in the person you are, to know that in the end she'll dump him and stay with u.

    So, the alternative is, put ur foot down, and send her packing OR move out.

    Do not feel guilty for doing so, its her life, she does what she wants with it, you cannot control her you can only control yourself!

    She will only get worse, you cannot fix her.

    She is not ur responsability, and as a MAN, ur responsability is URSELF.

  • You goit to get rid of her. Some woman do that and try to control men, if she is out with another guy then you are being used. However, tell her that if she loves you she should choose and if that doesn't work change the locks when she is out.

  • You don't need to be in that situation. She needs helps if she is going to talk like that. And if she is threatening to kill you, well that's really bad. And action needs to be taken immediately. Whether or not she has intention of performing such an act, the verbal usage was there and that is really scary to be a part of. I recommend you get the locks changed and tell the authorities or something. Just so she won't hurt herself.

  • your a sad excuse for a man, smack this bitch and get the fu ck out !

  • Listen. She sounds like she is bi-polar or a manipulative shrew and there is nothing in that for you. Trust me I know after 12 years spent hearing that manipulation and those statements almost weekly during that span. You know you are being used but more importantly you are not thinking about how you would feel about all this behavior if she actually was your girlfriend someday. Its a doomed dynamic before you establish any connection and trust is already in doubt so get out of that crap and stop providing financial support for her. You'll see her true colors fast once you do. You will see !

  • I just want to laugh a little. My apologies.

    Cause she loves you so much? Stupid people deserve to die, if she wants to use you to your grave. Use her to hers. There's no if ands or buts about it. Bring teh authorities into the problem. Claim that your life was threatened, and they will seperate you both and allow you to remove your things from the house, or one other persons things. Get a restraining order, and that's that.

    Don't think about it, just do.

    You sound like those wifes that say "he kicks my ass til he breaks my bones, but no matter what I still love him." "or I can't leave him... I just can't!"

  • She's using you man...she's a crazy bitch...toughen up, pack up and leave if you value yourself...and trust me, she won't kill herself...you really have to leave...

  • Dude she is Nuckin' Futs. She is only using you for the money and a place to stay. I would say kick her ass out and if she does kill herself then oh well.

  • I would get a restraining order immediately. In every state in the US threatening to kill or harm someone is illegal and usually a felony. When she threatens to kill herself, call the police quietly and from outside her earshot.

    You need to leave, move, block the number, and get said restraining order. She is using you badly. Once you have moved on you should seek some professional counseling to deal with this person and to help you overcome the emotional wounds she has inflicted, and she HAS INFLICTED emotional wounds on you, regardless if you see them or not.

    You need to get out of this situation immediately.

  • This is a lost cause and you should get out of the situation. Do it amicably if possible, no-one needs a vengeful woman in his life, but get out.

    Don't worry about missing her. You may miss her for a short while but you'll soon get over her.

    Find yourself a decent regular girl and enjoy her.

  • Dude!

    DUMP HER! ... and start dating me!

    Common man, I'm serious.. just think about how much better your life would be!

    You can pay for all by bills, and cover all my needs. I mean, I'll only be seeing other girls, and you won't even have to ask me to never go with an other guy when we go out; I'll respect you and not do it our of caring and how much I love (how you pay for all my stuff) you.

    And I promise, I'll never threaten to kill myself or you if you leave me.

    Just think about how much happier you would be with ME!

    I think you should tell her that you've found someone else already.

    • LMFAO...

    • Beautiful. C:

    • Hehhehehehehe I love this answer!!!

  • She is using you, how do you not see this, you pay for everything for her, you live with her, and yet whenever she wants to some random guy comes along picks her up and they go have sex, and then she comes home to you. Of course she doesn't want you to leave, your a free ride for her, and ya she will do everything she can to make sure she keeps going through life without a worry, because she knows while with you she will always have a place to stay and food to eat. That is why every time you threaten to leave her she says well if you do I will kill myself, and guess what it's a guaranteed way to keep someone. She is a parasite to you get rid of her, other wise all you will be to her is a provider and nothing more. Go find another girl and watch what will happen, that girl your with will tell you no you can't have a gf, even though your not even her bf, and she goes out and f***s other guys all the time.

    If your not going to get rid of her make her start paying for stuff, bills, rent, food, everything split it right down the middle, and if you p*ss her off who cares your not her bf, your now just her roommate, or maybe a friend with benefits, but I don't know why you want that if she if all your getting is sloppy seconds.

  • Get witnesses when you do kick her out. I have seen this go horribly wrong. She shows the cops bruises and says that you hit her and they cuff you. Yeah, pretty crappy but it has happened.

    Make sure her name isn't on any lease. If she has a key to your place, goto the hardware store to get new locks. Get some friends who would be willing to wait until she leaves to hang out for awhile. Give her the ultimatum that if she leaves with him, she is never welcome back again. Call friends up who are around the corner to come over when she leaves.

    She gets dropped off and tries to get inside and uh oh. If she gets violent, then call the cops. File a restraining order against her and stick to your guns. With a cop or friend present, ask her later on where she would like her stuff to be sent. If she doesn't give you an address, then tell her you will put all her things on the lawn on XXXX (give a date and time).

    Get some friends to help and carefully place her things in fresh garbage bags. Ensure that there are no holes to let rain in. Place it on the lawn the day after garbage day so they don't accidentally pick it up. Inform the city if they aren't picked up within a few hours so you avoid being given a citation for having trash out on a day other than garbage day. Taking pictures wouldn't hurt as well. Keep your composure at all times. Do not make physical contact with her after she has crossed that boundary. Always keep at least one person with you if she wants to 'talk in private' at some point in the process.

    After she has her things out of your place, destroy all items that remind you of her. It helps with the healing process. Simply throwing them away will suffice. Good Luck and you will be better off without her.

    • Yeah I didn't think about that a girl who threatens to kill herself might try to get you in trouble. GET WITNESSES!! yes that's a good advice!

    • This is definitely good advice. She may just be using empty threats to get to to stay, but she may also have a serious problem and things could get out of hand very quickly. Have a witness around every time you deal with her and have evidence of everything you do.

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