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Who should say I love you first? The man? or the woman?

This is the dilemma I am faced with! WHO SHOULD SAY THAT LITTLE FOUR LETTER WORD FIRST? The guy I have been dating for 3 months asked me if I loved... Show More

So the next day to after this situation it got a bit awkward when we were together. He seemed cold and distant. I starting to think he's reevaluating the whole relationship. I'm scared that he's gonna cut me loose

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  • Saying "I love you" has a lot of baggage for some guys.

    You should have said 'Yes!"

    That "I care a lot about you" might have triggered a rejection reaction. And rejection is by far the most damaging to a guy. He put a lot on the line to even ask you if you loved him. What if you said "no". That might destroy the relationship right there.

    Um...call him and tell you that you love him? It'll mean worlds to him.

    • You make a very good point. But a couple weeks ago he asked me somthin similar it was DO YOU REALLY LIKE ME? This guys is 26 years old and I feel like he's a bit immature at times. So my answer to that question was a big smile and said of course silly. I in turn asked the same question and his answer was sometimes I do and other times I dont. I felt crushed. So this time I decided to play it safe..He later explaind that he likes me but hates how I hold back..Thats why he's answere the way he did.

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